Patriot PS-100 PS32GS25SSDR 2.5" 32GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail

Patriot PS-100 PS32GS25SSDR 2.5" 32GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail
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Okt 2018

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Poor speeds


I do not like giving reviews of less than 4 stars as often I think it unfairly punishes manufacturers. But in this case, I have wasted nearly two full days on a drive that clearly has issues. Do a search on this model, and you'll find post after post...

Looks pretty

20MB/s read, 17MB/s write sequential on 100mb file

Apr 2010

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Don't bother to consider getting a Rebate


From a technical perspective this is a fine product, on par with the other SSD's I have and all that you would expect

I sent all paperwork, including THE UPC from the box, not a photocopy, not a duplicate, THE UPC. My claim was denied because I did not include a UPC. No humans work for Patriot, only machines and they are not helpful. I will not consider Patriot...

Mär 2010

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Died rather quickly


Waiting to see if the second one lasts longer.

While it did work for a few minutes it had excellent speeds

It stopped working after 30 minutes. It would just lock my computer on boot

Feb 2010

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Nice Inexpensive SSD


I Love SSD's!

Originally bought to install Win7 Pro to but became worried about room for OS in future - especially after Microslop releases service pack #49? I bought a 64GB for Windows partition and will use this as a game partition. Configured effortlessly in BIOS...

Probably not quite large enough for OS

Feb 2010

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First installed windows 7 - no problems except for compatibility with an older game and os size so switched to xp pro 64 bit edition. Aligning the drive failed but went and loaded anyhow - did all the tricks for speed and saving space averaging 170 seq...

Very Fast easy to install get a front bay storage dock for these. This is the best drive in terms of read write speeds versus price. When the 64 gb drives drop to the 32 gb price these will surely go mainstream

Price/capacity ratio - you will pay a premium for more space ; Other computers without ssds will drive you bonkers at how slow they seem ; Comes with no sata cable or hdd dock tray but its worth the extra $$ to buy a dock - the yellow and black one is...

Feb 2010

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With a fresh install of Windows 7 ATTO shows the drive at 34 mb/s. In Sandra the drive is about 43 mb/s. Either way this drive is really, really slow. My 7200RPM drive is faster. I am hoping Patriot will be of help, but still frustrating that drive is...

Feb 2010

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PS-100 means Piece of S*** 100%


I am so mad I could spit! So now I am hesitant to set these things up again when I get my drive repaired. So fair out of 3 drives I have had a 67% failure rate. I am very dissappointed with Patriot, and I have no confidence in their products. I won't...

fast when it works, quiet

I bought 2 of these for a Raid0 set up on black friday. I loaded Win 7 Pro and all my apps and then spent the next week get everything configured the way I wanted it so I could create a recovery image. In the mean time I ordered a 3rd PS100 32GB for...

Jan 2010

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Patriot PS 100 128gb SSD


My next one will be a 256mb from the same company.

Drive is absolutely excellent. Had a 64 gb that I upgraded from to this drive. This one is faster, more stable, and easy to install. Get it, no moving parts, can't beat it


Dez 2009

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They are Shipping Used Units


This is completely despicable and unacceptable. They're refurbing units from laptops or netbooks and selling them as new. They aren't even erasing them before putting them into new boxes. Patriot just lost themselves a customer in me and any company I...

Someone forgot the erase the drive first before putting it back into a new box

I was installing Ubuntu and the installer asked if I wanted to delete the existing WinXP partition. There already was an OS installed on this supposedly NEW drive. It was even bootable

Dez 2009

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Bang For Your Buck Remix


Hopefully Soon

I should have waited to post my earlier review the drive started to stutter in extreme cases for 1 to 3 sec. This fact is extremely apparent during file extractions. Confirmed with a call to Patriot Memory, there should be a firmware update due to come...

Dez 2009