Patriot Memory Torqx 2 128Go

Patriot Memory Torqx 2 128Go
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Okt 2018

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Patriot Memory Torqx 2 128GB Solid State Drive (SATA II SSD + RAID 0) Review


The RAID 0 results were run on an Intel Sandy Bridge platform and through an Intel motherboard. More details on this system to arrive in the coming days!

The Patriot Memory Torqx 2 is a bit of a tricky one to judge. Initially I was thinking the Torqx 2 was the successor to the original Torqx SSD, but I'm coming away from this review knowing they are different and shouldn't be compared.

Kundenmeinung (

ITX Server Boot Drive


Not the fastest SSD out there, but much faster than the 2.5" mechanical drive it replaced. Using this as the boot drive in a server. I was careful, and didn't have the sata connector problems reported in other reviews. Paired this with a WD10EARS 1TB...

Price. Paid 30 bucks after rebate. Formats to 59.5 GB. Large enough for Win7 boot drive. Low heat, low power consumption. WEI = 7.2

Sata 2. Asyncronous NAND

Okt 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Update to Drive SATA Adapter Broken. Never again buying a Patriot product.


Would definitely recommend Patriot again based on the RMA experience (rebates also go through fine).

Patriot replaced my drive with the broken SATA connector with a brand new one after emailing customer service

Had to buy another drive in the meantime, but getting a new drive in the end left me very satisfied

Okt 2012

Kundenmeinung (



Using this as my boot drive on my HTPC. Works well for that. Nothing wrong with the drive just not quite the performance increase I was expecting. This isn't sata 3 or top of the line in terms of read/write speed, so I can't expect those speeds (and...

Pretty fast; easy install; Bios and win 7 recognized it and installed without a hitch. Got my 20 dollar rebate from Patriot

Somewhat expensive per gb ($40 after my rebate) but not for an SSD

Sep 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Fast and cheap


Using on a Foxconn Nettop HTPC/TVPC with Win7 and have no issues.

It is fast ; Small and no obvious heat generation (Unlike mechanical drives) ; Seems to be built pretty well


Jul 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Intel I7 920


SSD @ 89.99 + $25 rebate..... depending when you shop

Good read times and write. Went from a WD 320 GB Green edition to the SSD fresh install and now my photoshop experience has amped up. Used to leave PC in sleep just to deal with the lag of boot times and program boot times, but now no need Im fully...

My pc is still faster than the drive itself. Went from a 5.0 experience to 7.0. Should have gotten 3 or 4 at the price. Had 1 hickup when I OC'ed it but it was the Mobo that messed up with the boot device settings IE, reset and wouldnt recognize the...

Mai 2012

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Decent, cheap SSD


Bought it for a 5 year old Inspiron 6400 that originally shipped with what felt like an incredibly slow 5400rpm hard drive. I saw substantial improvement in system performance. Boot time is < 25 seconds now. Most programs open and close in seconds.

Decent price & performance. Easy to install. One of the cheapest 64GB SSD drives when I bought it in January. Was $55 after rebate

It is a budget drive, but no real complaints at this time

Apr 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Small and Quick


Small, Quick, 64 bucks. Beats all other non SSD

Long wait for the rebate

Apr 2012

Kundenmeinung (

It works !!!! It's alive :)


Price was right like usual , Good SSD drive, not much else to say

Not the SATA III but for the price can not complain

Apr 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Good, not super awesome


I didnt do my homework fully on this one, and went with the cheapest 64gb SSD i could find. I had read other people with SSD's cutting their boot time to 12 seconds, but mine is at 18 seconds, and that is a fresh rig. All I have is the SSD and Win 7 on...

My computer boots up quite quickly and the OS (win 7) is running smoothly ; Didnt fall apart at all like other people said theirs did

Not quite as fast as I was lead to believe. Boot time on my brand new rig is 18 seconds with JUST windows 7. -1 egg for not being up to par to some other SDD's

Apr 2012