SUPER TALENT FPM16GRSE 16GB mini PCIe Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail

SUPER TALENT FPM16GRSE 16GB mini PCIe Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail
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Okt 2018

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Best Upgrade for EE900, Feels like a different Netbook


Best hardware upgrade you can do on your Asus EE900 Netbook. I was having issues with laggy videos and long load times for websites such as Google Maps, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, and some others. Upgrading the SSD Hard Drive was the solution I...

Improved start up speeds particularly if you have any type of antivirus. Installing applications and games is faster. Downloading anything is quicker. Video and many websites such as Google Maps have little to no lag compared to the stock 16gb SSD....

Some people may have to purchase a external usb dvd-rom drive to reinstall their Windows or Linux Operating System. You can also use a USB memory stick if you format it properly and copy the OS setup files to it

Sep 2009

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Very Impressed


I replaced the pathetic stock SSD in my EEE 900a. This made the netbook actually very usable. I can now watch netflix movies on windows 7 with no slowdowns what so ever. The drive scored as high as my 7200rpm 16mb cache drive I have in my full size...


Aug 2009

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blazing fast


Very easy to install, works great on eee pc 900a running Windows 7 release candidate

A little pricey

Jul 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Asus 900a upgrade


When installing the bios the first 1gb usb flash drive that I used, formated to FAT (FAT16) as required, but did not work. Tried another brand and the second one worked fine. Also,don't know why Super Talent"s website fails to list the 900a usable with...

Upgraded 900a that had a 4gb SSD and 1gb ram. Installed 2gb of ram, updated bios to 0804, and installed the new 16gb SSD. Works great

None noted

Jun 2009

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Huge Performer, Small Price


Installed easily. Stepped up performance 10X. Sent Acer 900a from a crawl, to standard performance you would expect from a top performance Hard Drive. For Example ; Every time you would click on a link, it would stall for 4-10 seconds, then continue....

None to Date

Mai 2009

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eee 900 4 gig owners - update bios!!


you can obtain the new version here.... to update you need to have a FAT16 (fat32 will not work) formatted usb drive, and you need to rename the bios file 900.rom to get it to flash properly. just press alt-f2 on the...

Much, Much faster than the 4 gig ssd that came with the eee 900. popped right in, and was detected correctly by the bios

Even though the drive was detected without issue by the bios, you HAVE to update it in order for the device to boot

Mai 2009

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SUPER TALENT FPM16GRSE Mini PCIe 16GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) - Retail


A very good product and plan to purchase other products they make.

I purchased this replacement SSD module to increase ; by EEE PC 900s SSD memory from 8GB to 16 ... An ; the new is much faster too. The PROs its fast and ; no issue upgrading it

None at this moment

Mai 2009

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Ahh, that's better


If you own a 900A with the 4GB SSD, you need this. It eliminates the slowdown and stuttering of the stock SSD and makes the EEE responsive and snappy. The extra space is nice too


Mai 2009

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Painless Upgrade for Asus 900A


Great upgrade for the price. I upgraded to the latest firmware from Asus, dropped the drive in, and installed Windows XP Pro from a USB drive. No problems so far.

This drive has a SATA controller, so it's fast even though it's an MLC SSD. The price is right as well - only a little more than the much slower version Super Talent offers (FPM16GHAE). The price seems to be creeping up, though. In my 900a, I now have...

Compatibility isn't well documented anywhere that I could find. Although officially supported only on the Asus Eee S101, it also works great in my Asus Eee 900a.

Mär 2009

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Amazing speed. My 900a boots xp faster than my main quad core 4gb beast. 16 gb is more than enough.

none. This ssd is the best

Mär 2009