Plextor PX-512M3

Plextor PX-512M3
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Okt 2018

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Quality 512GB SSD


I have an HP DM1-3025DX Netbook. I previously had an Intel X25-M 160GB SSD in it. I then replaced it with an Intel 520 Series 240GB SSD. Now I have installed this Plextor 512GB SSD and it is great! The Intel 520 Series SSD was a little faster by maybe...

1. lower power consumption when compared to other 512GB SSD's ; 2. great performance including with incompressible data ; 3. excellent customer support

1. price (no eggs deducted) ; Plextor SSD's are more expensive but their performance is great. In particular, they excel at incompressible data. Most SandForce SSD's have a weakness where incompressible data slows them down. This and the other Plextor...

Dez 2012

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Plextor PX-512M3


this marvell controller is obsolete now, the new one is used in m5 pro, if you wanna spend more money for the latest and greatest, go ahead and get the m5 pro, if it's even in stock, but if you wanna be a little economical, m3 is the best

if you're educated on ssds, then you'd know that plextor's best thing is long term performance, top speeds are attainable only on a fresh drive, in the real world, your drive is not fresh anymore after you install os on it

it's not the latest and greatest

Okt 2012

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Good buy


Compared to my 7200 RPM WD cav blue this thing is a monster. Windows 7 boots super fast and R/W speeds are great. Price is steep but it's a new technology. Win 7 Pro, asus p9x79 le, i7-3820 @ 3.6, 16gb kingston hyperx ddr3 ram, EVGA gtx660ti SC 3gb,...

Easy to install in my desktop with 3.5in dongle. Includes free, simple back-up and cloning software. Write speeds are within 50-100 mbps of advertised after 1.04 firmware flash (simple process)

None so far

Okt 2012

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Very nice indeed


Don't be put off by the few Mac users who reviewed this poorly. The issue was not the drive but their own lack of tech knowledge.

Speed, while not up there with Sandforce was impressive. Capacity. No need to install any programs on a secondary mechanical drive. Compatability. Windows 7 recognized the drive and installed without a hitch

Price. No reason to take away an egg. Quality costs

Aug 2012

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Always check for SSD firmware updates prior to OS install. For that matter, check your mobo firmware updates too and then after that flash your SSD to the latest firmware and then proceed from there. Your life will be less complicated.

I own the 256GB version of this drive. It is FAST. Really fast. Stable. Paired with a Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H motherboard that supports SATA III (6.0GB/s). Drive performs well over time due to automatic garbage collection routines that are second only to...

People who have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING are posting reviews on NewEgg. That "swalsh2333" person really needs to do his/her homework before coming over and giving a 1 star review on a product. This drive does indeed give advertised speeds and...

Jul 2012

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know your limits


Both drives are on a sata III motherboard with a 2700k@4.8. It's. At the desktop before the win7 log completes.

Dude, your MBP is sata II. 3 gps transfer. The specs you complain about not reaching are for sata III capable equipment. Your apple is not

I have this and the plextor 256g ssd. Both work great

Mär 2012

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Zipping and Zooming


Major improvement over traditional disk drive. I use photoshop alot and after swapping this drive into my computer it takes less than half the time to load. I knew an SSD would be faster, but I did not expect it to be this much faster. Zoom Zoom!!

Mär 2012

Kundenmeinung (

RE: You Won't Get What You Pay For on a Mac


The drive specs are not derived but are determined in real time. Not every benchmarking utility out there runs tests the same way. In Windows, it's always best to look at results on several softwares. On a Mac, that's harder to do because for...

Is there a list of "Apple certified" SSDs? Easier said than done, right

Mär 2012

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Don't Buy This Drive If You Are A Mac User


I bought this drive about a month ago. I downloaded blackmagic and tested the speed. It tested considerably lower then what the mfr. advertises. I called the mfr. to see if something was wrong with the drive. After I told them that I have a Mac they...

Mär 2012

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Update: You Won't Get What You Pay For on a Mac



Maybe you'll get the advertised speeds if you don't own a Mac

I posted my last review when I was somewhat happy but the speeds were lacking. I called Plextor to see if something was wrong with the drive. After I told them that I have a Mac they informed me that I would not get the advertised speeds. They sent me...

Feb 2012