Mushkin Enhanced MKNSSDEC120GB

Mushkin Enhanced MKNSSDEC120GB
alaScore 89

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Dez 2017

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Kundenmeinung von: Kole K. (

Failed after exactly 365 days.


I would not recommend this product. I have had 4 SSD drives fail out of about 150 in the last 2 years. 2 were Mushkin and 2 were PNY. Mushkin USB flash drives are great, but their ECO drives have not worked well for me. 2 out of 4 ECO drives have...

Somewhat inexpensive

slow, unreliable

Jun 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Luis R. (

Great product, great price!


Highly recommended, if I could change anything about the product it would be the sticker, it needs to be a "cooler" picture and or case color with no picture. because with my case having a window it sits right there in line of sight.

Easy install, great capacity!

SATA cable that came with mobo came out to easy, so I swapped for some I had from a previous build witch fixed the problem.

Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Anonymous (

Mushkin Enhanced MKNSSDEC120GB


Get a Samsung pro. This drive failed within 6 months and lost my files.



Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Daniel S. (

Failed After 1 Year


Apparently the cheap SandForce controller is part of the problem. But I will be doing more research before I buy an SSD next time.

Cheap price, serves well as a boot drive so long as it works.

Died after 1 year, taking some important files down with it.

Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Anonymous (

2 out of 4 drives failed within 3 months.


I was under the impression Mushkin made a decent product. I've purchased their memory in the past and have been very happy. I was put to the task of putting together 4 work stations. 2 of the 4 drives have already failed. I have not had these drives...

Price, but even the price isn't that good.

50% failure rate with these drives.

Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Crystal M. (

Plug and Play


This does everything I want it to and more. I use it for boot and essentials. Blew me away. I absolutely love it.

Fast Cheap

Apr 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Anonymous (

one year bust



didn't even last a year. says it has a three-year warranty but at 44$ why pay to ship it back?

Apr 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Anonymous (

Great SDD


very good for the price



Apr 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Anonymous (

Good temporary solution


Just buy a Samsung

Affordable Draws very little power

The SATA cables refused to *click* into place; they connected but often unplugged themselves when my fans kicked in. The power connector was cheaply made and eventually caused the SSD to short.

Mär 2016

Kundenmeinung von: conor l. (

Short Life Span


it was cheap so i guess i got what i paid for, definitly going a more quality brand for my new one

-Worked just as stated -quick start up times

-burned up in less than a year. 10 months after purchase, it fried itself along with all my data including my operating system.

Mär 2016