FileMate SolidGO 3FMS4D48M-WR 48GB ExpressCard 34 with Mini USB 2.0 External Solid State Drive (SSD)

FileMate SolidGO 3FMS4D48M-WR 48GB ExpressCard 34 with Mini USB 2.0 External Solid State Drive (SSD)
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Okt 2018

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FileMate SolidGO 3FMS4D48M-WR 48GB ExpressCard 34 with Mini USB 2.0 External Solid State Drive (SSD)


I use it with persistent cache software (like EBoostr) instead of Windows' built-in ReadyBoost for better cache hit rates (files stay cached across boots). Used this way, it is cheaper than a large laptop SSD and provides a lot of the performance...

Fast, fits in ExpressCard/34 slot (otherwise unused connection on my laptop)

Rather expensive. Gets warm, very warm. Not particularly stable (mechanically) in an EC/54 slot, though that is not the card's fault (some companies make attachments that can help with this)

Okt 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Died twice


My first one died after about 4 months use a the system drive in my MacBook Pro. Had it replaced under warranty. Decided that maybe use as the system drive was required was perhaps beyond design specs. So I used the second as a data drive. It died in 4...

Faster than any other flash drive of its kind

Runs hot. Have now had two die

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (

one of a kind but short life span


if it could have a long life, it got no match. should have invested on regular 2.5" ssd.

good speed on both usb(30-36mbps) and express card(85mbps)

very short life..just died unresponsive ; sent it for rma, and will be getting a replacement. but even not sure how much the replacement gonna last ; used it like occasionally ; gets warmer as compared to other drives

Aug 2010

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Cache in your pocket


I read a lot of reviews on this product before I purchased it, and was a little leery based on reliability reports. That's part of the reason I've waited eight months to write this review. The unit that was originally shipped to me was a dud, and...

Blazing fast ; Reliable ; Simple ; Purchased during rebate offer

Hit or miss, but worth the effort

Aug 2010

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caveat emptor


Have new Precision M4500, need extra storage. (my bad, went with the small SSD). Tried three things so far: Filemate, SanDisk Extreme SD card, Seagate Goflex with esata. My tests: 1) copying from my SSD to the target: outlook files (2.3GB in 9 files),...

Fits into an expressCard slot

Runs extremely hot (well documented by others) ; Not that fast ; Poor return per ; Not returnable to newegg ; Longevity undetermined (see other reviews)

Jul 2010

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Broke then horible RMA process


While it works it performs great and lets you get some use out of the seldom used expresscard slot

Data gets corrupted often, requires a reformat. Eventually even that didn't work. I sent mine in for RMA more than 2 weeks ago and can't get anybody on the phone or any idea as to when I will get a replacement. Support doesn't respond by email and...

Mai 2010

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3 month of solid performance


I think the price is appropriate for the performance boost it provides. You forget you're working on a laptop after a while.I would definitely have purchased a larger-sized unit as 48 GB is a little too cozy for my taste (especially after using app...

I'm doing a lot of graphic/video work, and installed it in my macbook pro 15" 2008. It's been working wonders and is much faster than my original 7200 RPM. So far, so good. Excellent purchase as Photoshop, Bridge and Ae now start considerably faster...

Size of course. You really have to limit the amount of apps you're using, move your user folder to the hard drive (options in accounts for osX), and eventually use a product like xslimmer. After an improper BootCamp setup, the computer sometimes does...

Apr 2010

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FileMate NOT SolidGo !!


I read the reviews,but I was hoping it would last at least 6 months,before it breaks.I bought 2 years replacement plan, but returned it to Newegg,who was great to refund All My Money! Thank you Newegg!It is Not your fault! This product is flawed, DO...

Expresscard format,plug and use. Faster than regular 7200rpm HDD laptop drive.Great idea for MBP 17".I liked it as long as it worked

Only 3 weeks and it was blown!! Had to reinstall Snow Leopard.Could not do it for 3 days,because I did not have an install dvd with me ; Reformatted=no good

Mär 2010

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Blazing Fast!!


Some say it runs hot, but these things are meant to be under a lot of heat. And people say the same about regular hard drives.. "this drive is too hot, I could fry an egg on it, yadda, yadda, yadda." Look at the google hard drive report, before you...

Wow.. after spending a few hours figuring how to get my dell to boot to an expresscard with a BIOS that lacks that feature, the work finally paid off! This card is at least 2-3 times faster than my 320gb drive ; My fruity OS used to take 1:30 seconds...

None so far, but what do I know I have only had it for less than a day. Also few laptops have the option to boot expresscards, so look into that first. If you are lucky great, if not then you better know how to manipulate bootloaders to get into the OS...

Feb 2010

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Not reliable



Purchased a solid-stated drive for increased reliability after having issues with bad sectors on my previous 2 hdds. I was using the drive internally in the PC card slot of a laptop. I transferred all files and OS to the FileMate drive after receiving...

Jan 2010