Corsair CSSD-F40GB2-A

Corsair CSSD-F40GB2-A
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Okt 2018

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was good for 3 months

died in 3 months

Jun 2013

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Lasted 7 months


I think the above tells the story pretty well. Are SSDs really ready for general use?

It was fast, before it died

When it died, just trying to access certain files (even from a USB adapter) would make the machine think it had been pulled out. Returned to Corsair, waited 2 weeks. Finally mailed them about where my replacement was. Got it three days later: it was a...

Nov 2012

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do not use with intel raid


Does speed up the system. If you do not need to use the intel 10 series storage drivers, then you should be fine

I used this product with intel 10 series storage drivers. This was used as a ssd cache drive to speed up the system. I would get the blue screen of death (bsod) a couple of times a week. After taking this drive out of the setup the bsods stopped. This...

Jun 2012

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Great SSD, TERRIBLE rebate service


5 for the great SSD. -4 for the non-existent rebate. If somebody from Corsair responds to this message, they are lying about their rebates. Their rebate system is horrific.

Drive is incredibly fast and thus far, reliable. Setup was super easy with Windows 7. No problems ; The online customer service representatives I dealt with were helpful, albeit vague and misinformed

OK, so the rebate was only for $10. I submitted it a day after receiving the SSD, and got a confirmation email about a week later: my rebate was supposedly being mailed out, and I should expect up to a month for delivery ; One month later, nothing....

Apr 2012

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Still going strong after a month


It's a Keeper!

Here is an update to my previous review. This is by far the fastest SATA II SSD I've used under 60gb. I'm using it with Linux Mint on the / partition and a Samsung 470 128gb for the /home partition. Now my system is much faster that it was with a a...

No mounting bracket included. The price came down after I bought it

Feb 2012

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Great SSD


great SSD. Get it. Very fast, and IS, i repeat IS enough for windows.

Cheap, silent, fast (boots windows in 20 seconds) ; this DOES provide enough room for windows 7. I have win 7 ult 64bit running on it and I have 13GB left. Granted I only use this drive for the OS


Feb 2012

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Works great so far


I agree with the 4 and 5 egg reviews from other reviewers. There are hardly any 'bad egg' reviews, compared to some other SSD models. This drive isn't rated as high as the Mushkin 40gb SSD, but this drive is $15 cheaper too.

Faster than the OCZ Vertex 2 40gb SSD. No problems with SMART errors, like other Sandforce controller SSD's. Works great without firmware upgrades. I've installed Ubuntu and Linux Mint with no problems at all

Kind of small capacity for a Windows 7, but plenty big for a Linux. Not a con for me, but it could be for others. That's why I gave it 4 eggs instead of 5

Jan 2012

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Great SSD


Using 4 of these in raid 0, a little pre setup is required for ssd drives before hand if you want to get closer to advertised speeds, I write zeros to each drive and use Diskpart to format them to true 128k stripe, if you just use windows to format the...

Fast, reliable and low power usage. Great for raid setups


Jan 2012

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Fast, Lots of IO, and stable


I would (and did) buy this again :)

Fast drives! Everything is very responsive on the CentOS 6.2 system ; The synthetic benchmarks for raid 0 on a hardware raid card were 450 MB/s ; I expected a little higher, but can't complain since that's average ; The price is reasonable in my...


Dez 2011

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Very Fast SSD, But NO Brackets Included !


Very Fast SSD ! At $84.99 it's a MUST upgrade for all Windows 7 power users

If you plan to install this 2.5" SSD in an available 3.5" bay, make sure to also purchase a bracket adapter because it's NOT included with the drive

Nov 2011