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Expertenbewertung von : Benjamin Russell (

Sony DST-HD500


Replacing the older Sony high definition model, the DST...

HDMI output, Feature packed, Well designed interface

Limited favourites menus, A little pricey

One of the better high end HD receivers available, the Sony DST-HD500 delivers excellent value for those with the system to support it.

Jan 2006

Kundenmeinung (

Stopped working after a couple of years


I have had a similar experience to other reviewer. Worked well for a couple of years then started to work intermittently. A power recycle would fix the problem and now it does not work at all. Should be able to get more than a couple of years life out...

Relatively cheap

Didn't last very long

Jul 2013

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Was fine until I started to use it with HDMI.


I have had this Sony unit around 3 years connected to a Panasonic projector via normal AV cables. The setup was used spasmodically mainly for movies and the occasional big events on TV. I recently upgraded my amplifier (Yamaha RX-A3000) and took the...

It was relatively cheap, resonable quality picture and sound.

Video through HDMI was great... until it stopped.

Mai 2011

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Had about 3 years with mine - sounds lucky compared to other reviews! Given that I bought it for the HDMI and the cost of the unit this is disappointing. Thanks for the reviews, at least I know not to bother trying to fix it and will buy another brand.

Excellent, when it was working!

HDMI now intermittently drops out - power off/on fixes it but getting worse.

Jan 2011

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very much regret buying, will really think twice about buying future Sony products. Overpriced, underperforming, unreliable, virtually no Sony support. Should be reported to consumer affairs.

ok when it worked,

same as other reviews, freezes up, finally stopped altogether and gives an error message. Letter to Sony not answered.

Jan 2011

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Does anyone want to sell their remote control rm-x-1022? My set top box is still working at this stage. I think. Just need a remote to test it!

Worked perfectly for about 1 year until my remote packed it in.

My remote is not working. Looks like from the other reviews it's on the way out soon. Frustration trying to locate the remote control with sony giving me the run around. Tried a universal remote, but it sucks.

Dez 2009

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This was a very expensive box which I didn't mind at the time as I thought Sony meant quality, but I am disappointed and would not buy a Sony model again.

Well it was nice receiving all the Digital and HD channels when it worked!

I had problems with it 2 years after purchase. Would not turn on and signal dropped out intermittently. Luckily it was still under warranty and it was repaired. Now it has died again - it seizes up and cannot be turned off at the unit and the signal...

Jul 2009

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Do not buy it. It is absolutely hopeless; it has really reduced my opinion of sony....i won't be buying many of their products in future!!!

Decent picture quality (when it works) and that's the only good thing

Not user friendly 1st one I had wouldn't pick up channel 10, this one intermittenlty stuff's up/freezes/won't respond I'm ready to chuck it out the window

Okt 2008

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Good image quality when projected. But not able to use the HDMI output which is the reason I bought it :-(

Good colour/image quality compared to Philips model. Good signal hold in my (remote)location.

HDMI working intermittently. Sony repair centre could/would not fix it. Upgraded the firmware - same problem.

Jul 2007

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I paid $350, which I now consider too much. I believe they are just about giving them any now. My experience with this product had turned me off Sony.

Looks good

Remote is not very user friendly. The unit has faults and does not perform well.

Jul 2007