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Bedienbarkeit, Preisleistungsverhältnis, Portabilität, Größe


Wir haben sowohl Nutzer- als auch Expertenbewertungen, Produktalter und weitere Faktoren ausgewertet. Im Vergleich zu anderen Produkte in der Kategorie Digitale Videorekorder (DVR) erzielt AVerMedia Game Capture HD einen alaScore™ von 84/100 = Sehr gut.


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alaTest a collecté et analysé 148 avis de consommateurs sur Amazon.fr pour le produit AVerMedia Game Capture HD. La note moyenne du produit est 3.9 sur 5, tandis que les autres Enregistreurs Video Numériques (DVR) ont une note moyenne de 3.9 sur 5 sur Amazon.fr.

82% des avis sur Amazon.fr donnent une note favorable à ce produit.

Diese Zusammenfassung basiert auf den Produkten: Avermedia - C281 - Boitier d'enregistrement sans PC pour XBox360/PS3/Wii U - jusqu'à 1080PAvermedia - C281 - Boitier d'enregistrement sans PC pour XBox360/PS3/Wii U - jusqu'à 1080P

Apr 2018

Kundenmeinung (tigerdirect.com)

This is a great product! Easy to use!


Pros... Works great for dumping HD content off your DirectTV or Dish DVR. The quality is excellent. It's super easy to pull drive out and slide it into a USB hard drive dock to move the files over to your PC or Mac. You can use handbrake to convert to...

Aug 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Great Capture Device


I purchased this to replace my Hava PVR instead of going with the popular Hauppauge PVR & I'm glad I did. The only real con to me is not being able to record myself interacting with friends in an Xbox Live party, but only a few PVRs on the market have...

No PC needed ; Records in HD (720p) ; Very simple to set up (even the instructions are simple) ; No lag in HD recording ; No pixelation in recorded video ; GREAT quality in high FPS (frames per second, not "first person shooter) games like Modern...

Does not record input from Xbox Live party (not enough to deduct an egg unless you're just extremely picky and completely full of yourself)

Jul 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Great Product


Took an egg off for a lack of USB/Flash Drive compatibility. The only flaw that I could see. Overall, I think this a great way for anyone to start their recordings unless you're a heavy recorder then I suggest a little more expensive/better quality...

Portable; You can take it anywhere you need to go without the need of a computer, unlike most Capture Cards ; 720p/1080i is a great start for myself until I start doing heavy recordings, then I'll look into a more expensive/better Capture Card ;...

USB/Flash Drive Compatibility (Had to go through about 3-5 different flash drives just find a compatible one.)

Jul 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

educate yourself...PLEASE


I was looking for an affordable entry level way to record XBOX game play as well as in game chat. I found this item open box here at newegg for 80 bucks and pulled the trigger. What I like most about this device is its ability to record on its own...

Audio / Video recording quality were great - 1080i 60fps no prob - no delay - no video anomalies, etc.. Extremely easy to setup. OSD and remote make it a breeze to operate. One touch record and screenshot - even playback right on your tv


Mai 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

More than what you think


So overall (the con's have more than Pro's) I think this device is great! If your looking for something like this then you should buy it! What all this really means is since this is just $139.99 means you should earn more money because you need to buy...

I think that this device is actually VERY useful! I tryed to record with my old easycap which went well until I found out my memory is out of memory! SO I found this! AVermedia game capture hd! The fact that it records without a pc is awesome! They...

Now for the bad news! The universal componet cables that DO come with it makes the screen black and white! But all I did was: go to gamestop, and bought some new (none universal) component cables and that fixed the problem! Now another thing is you...

Mai 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Non-gamer use: add a fan


I use this as a backup recorder for recording business meetings in HD (depositions). I have not noticed any a/v sync issues, but will look more closely after reading the reviews here. If the main recording works, the one from this box isn't needed. My...

Nice quality capture ; Pass through video works when power is off ; Runs 100% reliably once you add a fan

Really needs a fan to run reliably

Apr 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Its alright


It's a very great device for recording Call of Duty gameplay (don't recommend Battlefield since they are longer) but if your trying to record Game plays of walkthroughs or lp's then I highly recommend you look elsewhere for a new device.

Quality is actually quite decent. Very simple to use and hook up

The sound on mine will begin to de-sync (go faster) than the video after about the 20 minute mark in a recording which is quite a hassle when recording a let's play for my YouTube channel. Also, at the very start up of the device the very first...

Apr 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)



I took the gamble this would be good for recording Ps3 games (quality is excellent), I reached out of my price range for something I hoped would be well worth the money. It does everything advertised - some things really well, some things not so well....

Good quality recordings, external or internal storage. Connecting wires make it a breeze to hook up

Price - $140? Too much - plain and simple. Slow to start up, slow to begin recording

Mär 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Frustration Awaits.


I bought this device with the sheer notion of uploading my gameplay footage to Youtube. It's been very hit or miss lately. Video will occasionally scramble, random shut offs during mid-recording, can't get 1080i on my XBOX 360 without my TV having a...

PC not required ; Very easy to record ; User interface is simple and to the point

Upgrading the device is a real pain ; Company forums are littered with spam; good luck trying to get help ; Cables included may not work as well as advertised ; Device randomly restarts and freezes ; Can't get 1080i on XBOX 360. Only 720p ; Lag in...

Mär 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Great, unless you use the Xbox 360 VGA cable...


I really wished it used something more standard, like HDMI, or at least have come with some sort of VGA adapter.

Can choose to use a 2.5" HDD or an external USB drive ; Does not have framerate drop ; Is 1080i

You can not use it if you use an Xbox on a PC monitor without an expensive Component to VGA adapter

Feb 2012