Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space (Xbox 360)

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space (Xbox 360)
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Okt 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Ken "ZeroTolerance" McKown (

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space


A genuine steal at $20. In a surprisingly awesome twist on modern gaming the classic point-and-click adventure game seems to be making a triumphant return. Telltale Games appears to be...

Hilarious dialogue ; Cartoon-inspired visuals ; Such a great value

Frame rate issues ; Tacked-on mini-games ; Lack of mouse control

Jan 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Chris Wigham (

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Xbox 360 Review


On Xbox Live Arcade, the first season of Sam & Max (Save the World) was generously priced, so much so that it wouldn't be stretching the truth to call it one of the best bargains ever. Sensibly, the five games of this second season have also been...

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space doesn't have a single bad episode, and all five games have their clever puzzles (even if they may not necessarily pose a challenge to the more seasoned adventure gamer), regular funny moments and a cast of weird and...

Mai 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Justin Last (

Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space


This compilation is expensive at 1,600 MS points, but when you figure that you're getting five games that works out to $4 per game, and each game last for around four hours. $1/hour isn't a bad deal when what you're getting is a funny adventure game....

Funny, good value

Odd graphical glitches in later episodes

Jan 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Rory Smith (

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space


Another great value in the unerringly brilliant series

Tons of imagination ; High-quality humor ; Great puzzles and minigames

Not all episodes of equal quality ; A bit late coming to 360 ; A few weak puzzles

It’s typically anarchic stuff peppered with the usual acidic humour and in-jokes, but it’s the usual high standard of logical problems to solve that’ll keep you coming back for more. There are also a number of well-handled minigame-type diversions to...

Nov 2009

Expertenbewertung von : Brandon Hofer (

Sam & Max Beyond Time And Space - Review


Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space is the latest of the series to hit XBox Live Arcade and while it improves on some aspects over its predecessors there are also some problems that remain. This title features five episodes for you to play through...

Nov 2009

Expertenbewertung von : Oscar Israel G. Marin (

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space on Xbox 360


The Dastardly Duo is at it Again

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Okt 2009

Expertenbewertung von : Austin Sutton-Jennings (

Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space


Sam and Max: Beyond Time And Space (S&M:BTAS) is a an episodic series of adventure games that originally appeared on the PC under the name Sam and Max: Season 2. Obviously, it doesn't sound as cool, hence the name change

While the gameplay is basic, Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space is a witty, and entertaining ride. However, if adventure games aren't your cup of tea, then this title isn't really for you.

Okt 2009

Expertenbewertung von : Christopher Brown (

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space [Xbox Live Arcade]


The Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space is a compilation featuring all five episodes from the titular twosome's second season of latter-day adventures, as well as a video reel with more than four hours of audio commentary, the entire Sam & Max Nearly Save Chr

Expertenbewertung von (

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space


Sam and Max are back for more adventures.Telltale are pretty much the heroes of anyone who played LucasArts adventure games back in the early PC days, with the revival of Monkey Island and Sam

Expertenbewertung von : Joan Abad Extremera (

Sam & Max: Season Two - Beyond Time and Space


Delirante, estrambótico y simpático, un nuevo caso para la pareja de detectives de Nueva York.

Sam & Max, el dúo de ‘policías independientes' más peculiar del mundillo de los videojuegos regresa con cinco nuevos divertidos capítulos que a pesar de ofrecer algunas novedades técnicas y jugables, no consigue dar un significativo salto de calidad a...

Nov 2009