PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX- Xbox 360

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX- Xbox 360
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Sep 2018

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alaTest hat 26 Testberichte und Kundenbewertungen für PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX- Xbox 360 zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 4.7/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 3.8/5 für andere Produkte in der Kategorie Xbox 360 Spiele. Am positivsten ist den Testern das Preisleistungsverhältnis aufgefallen.


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Expertenbewertung von : Blake_Morse (

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Review for the XBOX360


Pac-Man Rides Again.

Classic Pac-Man fun; With a new twist that actually works!; The colors!; New challenges

Still no new level-based game

Dez 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Ryan Scott (

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Review


On the dot.

The best Pac-Man game ever made

You'll never be nearly as good as That Guy on your friends' list

Though I still don't know what a perfect game of DX looks like, the fact that I'm still glued to it (despite -- at this point -- finishing what I estimate to be maybe one actual five-minute game in any given hour) should give you a pretty clear idea of...

Dez 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Martin Gaston (

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


Namco Bandai has once again intelligently built upon - and suitably drop-kicked into 2010 - one of the most famous arcade games of all time.

New features jazz up the game ; Very addictive ; Feels contemporary

Online leaderboards could be better

What's most surprising is how Namco's excellent arcade game has arrived out of nowhere. A title of this quality could surely have stood proud amongst the best of what XBLA's Summer of Arcade and Game Feast promotions had to offer, making its bizarre...

Nov 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Robert Workman (

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Review


Say goodbye to your social life. Just as he did way back in 1980 (and, come to think of it, when the original Championship Edition released), Pac-Man is out to rule your world once again. The little dot-chomper that could returns for Pac-Man...

Pac-Man and the ghosts look great as well. The music will remind you of the original arcade game, but with a few techno touches that make this version stand out. Plus, you can modify the soundtrack with a variety of options, should you like what...

Nov 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Thomas McDermott (

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Xbox 360) review


Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is one of the better time-sinks released on XBLA this year, with sufficient scope to entertain for a five minute game, but equally challenging enough to keep players toiling away for a couple of hours should they so...

It is just that good, an incredibly fun game to both watch and play, and one that fills a thirty year old franchise full of life once again. It is hard to think of a more exciting and inventive way Pac-Man could have been re-envisioned in 2010.

Nov 2010

Expertenbewertung von (

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Review (Xbox 360)


Pac-Man is one of gaming's oldest icons. He has survived 30 years by eating power pellets and chasing ghosts around various mazes. During the heyday of arcades he was featured in over 10 different cabinets and has since moved on as the mascot for Namco...

Have you built up a chain of ghosts that can’t be contained? By simply pressing the right trigger Pac-Man can unleash a devastating bomb, geometry wars style. Using the bomb returns all of the ghosts in the chain to the center of the board. The...

Nov 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Carolyn Petit (

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


Pac-Man Championship Edition DX introduces a number of terrific new elements that make it a superb update of the arcade classic.

Nov 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Vítor Alexandre (

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


Lidar com Pac-Man é lidar com História dos videojogos. É recuperar a primeiríssima personagem da cena arcade (originalmente apelidado de Puck Man). Foi em 1…

Produto do núcleo duro da Namco, é um feito a forma como editora e produtores conseguem manter viva a chama da personagem que celebra este ano os seus 30 anos. Ícone de geraçơes, Pac-Man sobrevive à erosăo do tempo e, mais que isso, năo só representa...

Dez 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Emil Ryttergaard (

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


Det er tid til Pac Man, og det store spørgsmål er naturligvis om tiden er løbet fra det store spilikon...

Fantastisk grafik. God lydside, Vanedannende gameplay, gode modes

Kun singleplayer, kedeligt leaderboard

Dez 2010

Expertenbewertung von : Anagund (

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


Le coeur battant, les mains crispées sur le pad, j'éponge avec ma manche la goutte de sueur qui perle sur mon front. Un sentiment d'insécurité qui s'empare de moi à chaque coin de couloir alors que ces êtres maléfiques qui me poursuivent font monter la...

Dites au revoir à votre vie sociale, Pac-Man Champion's Edition DX est, au même titre qu'un Tetris, un jeu dont on n'arrive pas à se défaire. La perfection de son game design suffit à justifier son achat, et vos nuits risquent d'être bien plus courtes...

Nov 2010