Duke Nukem 3D (Xbox 360)

alaTest hat 13 Testberichte und Kundenbewertungen für Duke Nukem 3D (Xbox 360) zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 3.7/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 3.8/5 für andere Produkte in der Kategorie Xbox 360 Spiele. Das Gameplay und die Spielsteuerung bewerten die Testern positiv, aber sie finden die Grafik nicht optimal. Über den Multi-Player-Modus gibt es verschiedene Meinungen.

Single-Player, Gameplay, Spielsteuerung


Wir haben sowohl Nutzer- als auch Expertenbewertungen, Produktalter und weitere Faktoren ausgewertet. Im Vergleich zu anderen Produkte in der Kategorie Xbox 360 Spiele erzielt Duke Nukem 3D (Xbox 360) einen alaScore™ von 79/100 = Gut.


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Expertenbewertung von : Michael Gapper (gamesradar.com)

Duke Nukem 3D - Xbox Live Arcade


Landmark shooter hasn't aged so well

New XBLA functions ; Controls work well ; Tongue-in-cheek humor

A mess online ; Archaic design choices ; Poorly-aged graphics

But it’s Duke’s ambition that makes it feel so aged. Back in 1996, the interactive toilets, projectors, video cameras, and er… exotic dancers made Duke feel as though it was a herald of the future. Twelve years on, and the impact is utterly lost. Those...

Okt 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Mark Melnychuk (cvgames.com)

Duke Nukem 3D


“A babe, a stogie, and a bottle of jack. That's what I need right now.” With lines like that it's easy to laugh at the sheer absurdity of misogynic alien executioner Duke Nukem, but at the same time it's just so darn hard not to love him. Duke Nukem 3D...

3D Realms has certainly succeeded in delivering an XBLA version of Duke Nukem 3D that’s very true to the original, without too many changes. This might be good for the single player, but on the multiplayer side a bit more could have been done. The very...

Okt 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Mike Feinberg, GameSpot (gamespot.co.uk)

Duke Nukem 3D


Duke is back and he's still out of bubble gum. Come get some.

Varied level design ; New level recorder well implemented ; Co-op play is a welcome addition ; Loads of raunchy, violent throwback fun ; A classic that remains entirely intact

Can be frustratingly difficult ; No option to play with updated visuals ; Lag occasionally permeates multiplayer sessions

Okt 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Matt (ultraninjas.com)

Duke Nukem 3D


As a slice of retro entertainment, Doom on the Xbox Live Arcade is awesome. Yes, it's true that first-person shooters have moved on somewhat since the early-to-mid nineties, but just booming through a classic run-and-gun shooting a bunch of sprites can...

Okt 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Brian Edey (Falelorn) (gamefocus.ca)

Duke Nukem 3D


Those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride!” What a great way to start the Xbox 360 version of the classic PC First Person Shooter which offered some revolutionary gameplay and in many ways it still has not been matched by many games...

Its Duke 3D finally ; Fun, fast game still with plenty of cool weapons ; The audio, music, sound effects and his voice quips are all classic excellence ; 8 Player Co-op and Multiplayer mayhem is just WICKED FUN ; 800 MS Points and it's a long game ;...

Difficulty fluctuates dramatically ; I would have paid more for a more updated game ; Rewind system is nice, but it needed some tweaking

While Duke's audio is not exactly the best compared to current games and while updated audio might be nice, what makes Duke 3D fun is the still the excellent one liners from Duke which never get old. The music and sound effects are classic but still...

Sep 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Thomas Wilde (game-over.com)

Duke Nukem 3D


3D Realms will always stand out in my mind for being the pack of mad bastards who turned the first-person shooter into a vehicle for the kind of self-consciously, incredibly politically incorrect comedy that was a big deal in the late '90s. Duke Nukem...

Duke Nukem hasn't aged terrifically well, but the gameplay is very much still there. It's much more challenging than I remember it being, and a lot less funny, but it's a nice snapshot of first-person shooter history. You could do a lot worse with your...

Expertenbewertung von : Christopher Brown (allgame.com)

Duke Nukem 3D [Xbox Live Arcade]


Duke Nukem, the wisecracking brainchild of developer 3D Realms, returns to kick a whole lot of alien tail in this remake of the original Duke Nukem 3D. Players once again guide the muscle-bound protagonist through faux-3D levels, stopping occasionally to

Expertenbewertung von (xboxcheats.com)

Duke Nukem 3D


Duke Nukem, the politically incorrect action hero and ultimate alien ass kicker, defends Earth and its babes from alien invasion in Duke Nukem 3D. This is the award winning game that helped define the FPS genre, introducing unparalleled interactivity,...

Expertenbewertung von : Jaime Amor (vandal.net)

Análisis Duke Nukem 3D XBLA


A comienzos de 1996, 3D Realms lanzaba para compatibles Duke Nukem 3D, un título de acción en primer persona que rápidamente conseguiría su merecida valoración de juego legendario gracias principalmente a dos motivos: su humor irreverente y su avanzado...

A comienzos de 1996, 3D Realms lanzaba para compatibles Duke Nukem 3D, un título de acción en primer persona que rápidamente conseguiría su merecida valoración de juego legendario gracias principalmente a dos motivos: su humor irreverente y su avanzado...

Okt 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Philip Cremers (eurogamer.nl)

Duke Nukem 3D Review // Xbox 360 /// Eurogamer.nl


XBLA-goodness uit den oude doosch!

Want zeg nu zelf: eigenlijk zou niemand de avonturen van onze blonde spierbundel mogen missen. Origineel verscheen Duke Nukem 3D voor de PC in 1996 en al meteen kon het spel rekenen op ongelofelijk veel positieve reacties. Zo zag het spel er niet enkel...

Okt 2008