Dragon Age II- Xbox 360

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Expertenbewertung von : Niall Macdonald (consoleob.com)

Dragon Age II Xbox 360 Review


It's difficult for sequels, I mean, look at what happened with Matrix Reloaded. Dragon Age II could easily be seen as a quick buck, with BioWare capitalising on the success of Mass Effect and exporting the accessibility of the game to the Dragon Age...

Thoughtfully designed character interaction and player choices define the core of Dragon Age II. It’s well supported by interesting side-quests and on the whole excellently delivered by a wealth of voice-acting. Despite a pedestrian main plot it...

Jun 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Nat (australiangamer.com)

Dragon Age II


This truly is the age of Dragons.

Brilliant graphics, with a wonderful sense of style ; Well voiced cast, with an incredible supporting cast of characters ; Fun, action-packed combat with an extraordinary RPG system backing it up

Constant, unrelenting re-use of a handful of areas is dreadfully unacceptable ; Male Hawke’s voice is laughable ; Disjointed storyline ; Middle child syndrome clearly evident at conclusion

Dragon Age II is a brilliant example of how to make a modern RPG in 2011. With top-notch graphics, a deep and engaging story and fantastic sound design, it is a joy to play from start to finish. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of what made the...

Apr 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Ewan Aiton (play.tm)

Dragon Age II


Dragon Age II has been a major source of apprehension for most fans of Bioware's RPGs since the legendary RPG developer decided they would be changing a few things for this sequel.

Dragon Age II is a bit of a contradiction. It is both open and linear, limiting and filled with choice but these all combine together to produce another very compelling adventure. Some of the battles may be drawn out but there is always ample reward...

Mär 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Francesca Reyes (oxmonline.com)

Dragon Age II


REVIEW: Choose your own adventure — and everything else

Crazy-hefty 40-plus-hour RPG experience with loads of choices and branching paths to tackle.; Great characters and fan-service nods for attentive Origins nerds

Recycled dungeons aplenty make for annoying déjà vu; slow start; tweaks may irk series purists

Why are nearly all humans English, dwarves American, and elves Irish?

Mär 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Kevin VanOrd (gamespot.com)

Dragon Age II Review


It isn't the wonder its predecessor was, but Dragon Age II is still a quality role-playing game that focuses on the element of choice to great effect.

Player choice manifests itself in interesting ways ; Spectacular writing and voice acting bring each character to life ; Fascinating world characterized by moral ambiguity ; Combat is fun, fast-paced, and colorful ; Great symphonic soundtrack

Main story lacks focus and drive ; Multiple elements have been inexplicably simplified over the original ; Long loading times and technical stutters

The characters that join you on your journey aren't as memorable as those of the original Dragon Age. Alistair and Morrigan, among others, had vivid personalities that made it easy to immediately identify with them. The sequel's ensemble cast doesn't...

Mär 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Phil Harris (square-go.com)

Dragon Age II


Bioware certainly promise a lot from their games and Dragon Age II is no exception. It's certainly got many quests, storylines and plots following on from the first game, but the changes to the complexity of the game play will infuriate some, whilst...

Mär 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Chris Carter (gamerlimit.com)

Dragon Age II


Dragon Age II has worked up a lot of frenzy this past year, after Bioware announced that the series would be going in an action oriented direction.?A lot of fans were up in arms that the series had abandoned it's die-rolling old school Baldur's Gate...

While Dragon Age II doesn't quite measure up to it's predecessor, the streamlined approach was a solid effort - if Bioware can somehow marry the best parts of Origins and Dragon Age II, it will produce one of the best RPGs the world has ever seen.

Mär 2011

Expertenbewertung von (videogamer.com)

Dragon Age II


Despite the way narrative has been re-structured and the combat made meatier, this sequel follows the old conventions of the genre too literally to develop an individuality beyond them.

Mär 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Joe Robinson (strategyinformer.com)

Dragon Age II


We get a first look at the epic sequel to an epic game...

Whilst it wasn't perfect, the critical and commercial success of the original

Aug 2010

Expertenbewertung von (game-boyz.com)

Dragon Age II- Xbox 360


Unfortunately, Dragon Age II feels like a filler title to get from Dragon Age: Origins to Dragon Age III and to somewhat satisfy fans in the meantime. There are very few improvements from the original title save the musical score, and in a lot of cases...