Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360)

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Expertenbewertung von : Mitch Dyer (

AssassinÂ's Creed: Brotherhood Revi..


The AssassinÂ's Creed series continues to get better and better with Brotherhood.

Killer combat owes a lot to its awesome improvements; tense, strategic multiplayer is really cool; recruiting assassins, leveling assassins, fighting alongside assassins; you can kick dudes in the nuts

Story has loose ends; wacko ending has no closure and provides a weak cliffhanger

Mitch Dyer is a regular contributor to GameShark , he also writes for numerous publications including GamePro and OXM.

Nov 2010

Expertenbewertung von : grayfoxx (

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood


Le meilleur Assassin's Creed ni plus ni moins,un épisode qui pourrait réconcilier la série avec ses réfractaires (depuis le premier),le rythme est meilleur que le 2 et les nouvelles possibilités ajoutées ici et là arrivent à faire toute la...

Alors qu'on attendait ce nouveau Assassin's Creed

Kundenmeinung (



No problem with Newegg. Delivery was prompt. I would have liked the ability to complete more side quests in the game - perhaps to influence support of the people...

The game is excellent. The ability to free roam, and assassinate as many borgia guards as possible is good. At first thought the whole idea of the game (DNA memory part) was appalling - but it grew on me

Cut scenes can be annoying - especially given the extended load times for the following game. During battle, a lag in combat moves can get a little annoying but not too bad

Jan 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Xbox 360 Game UBISOFT


Assassin's Creed has a combat system that is rather easy yet very fun. I like the fact that this isn't a game where you should expect to die a lot. I haven't had a chance to try the MP, but it sounds cool.

Assassin's Creed is the reason I still have my Xbox. This game is an excellent sequel to Assassin's Creed 2, which was fantastic. The added features are pretty neat, and the gameplay is as expected tremendous fun

I'll admit that the painting selection for Ezio's hideout was a bit disappointing compared to AC2... :p ; Other than that, not much

Aug 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Multi-layered, Engaging Game


The minor cons can be overcome through regular use and accepting anomalies. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable game for those who appreciate a fully developed game.

Continues right from where AC2 left off. Detailed, open environment set in turn-of-16th-century Rome. Interesting historical trivia mixed in with politicized fiction. Cameo's from the historically famous and infamous. Hours and hours of side quests...

Targeting and movement mechanics haven't changed from AC2 and still can send you unintentionally jumping off high buildings, killing innocent civilians, unable to climb, and unable to tell if you're in attack mode or not. Puzzles can also be impossibly...

Feb 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Multiplayer finally here!


If you liked the previous, just buy it. It continues where ACII left, and it has one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences (except for the matchmaking) that I've ever had. Is a good change from the shooters or RPG coop. If you haven't played...

Multiplayer: I'm usually very wary when developers convert a single player game that is amazing, and add multiplayer feature to it. But they did it, and let me tell you, that in my very humble opinion, this game is worth it solely for the multiplayer...

Multiplayer: Sadly, the part I love the most about the game, has a certain issue that keep me from giving it 5 stars, and is the darn MatchMaking! It is really slow! If you are used to Modern Warfare/Halo matchmaking system that gets you in the game...

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Xbox 360 Game UBISOFT


Pretty cool game. Good game play and great graphics. I'm only a bit into the story so far, so I can't comment on that or the multi play

No Cons so far

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung (



Also, while the multiplayer is supposed to be and can be best played while focusing and being patient, it is really split between two different types of players (or personalities) type a and b. A is hyperactive and from what I've experienced is the...

Great single player experience as always, new additions really make it interesting, and control scheme is the same. Always has an atmosphere to it and gives you a sense of actually doing something exciting and important. Story is great, as far as it is...

Can be difficult to replay as you HAVE to do a lot of stuff. I only found the extra stuff fun when I was doing it in-between the main story line; after I beat the game, it seemed a bit weird or pointless to do stuff, and I'm not an achievement you know...

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Awesome Game


It's an amazing game and is definitely the best of the series. If you are considering getting it, definitely buy it! But only if you have played the first two. Otherwise, the storyline won't make much sense.

Everything; the storyline is amazing, the combat is improved(but very easy), the graphics and soundtrack are very good, and it has a fairly long playtime to it

Only two things I didn't like: The horses' controls are terrible and you can't jump down 1 foot ledges some times, but others you can leap like 15 feet. The achievements weren't very good either. They should have had less multiplayer achievements and...

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Assassin Rules


This game is a great mix of fighting, strategy and just entertainment. My son (10 y.o.) loves it. It does not have some of the language and other unnecessary "mature" material that some games of similar ratings have; realistic and pleasing without...

Graphics - look and feel; audio; gameplay; ease of use; controls; interactivity; complexity


Dez 2010