WD SiliconEdge Blue SSC-D0128SC-2100 2.5" 128GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - OEM

WD SiliconEdge Blue SSC-D0128SC-2100 2.5" 128GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - OEM
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Dez 2017

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Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

Still going strong


I purchased three of these Western Digital SSD drives back in 6/2010. I bought the WD because I wanted a good hard drive company name for the reliability factor. So far the drives have not given me any problems. I'm a SSD convert. I don't plan to buy...

Now, if they would only get cheaper

Mär 2011

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

Great for the the price.


What is with everyone selecting "High" for tech knowledge? Just because you've built a few PCs for friends and family and OC your rig to heck and back doesn't make you a tech genius, can you troubleshoot down to the board level? Can you surface mount...

It's an SSD. While it may not be the speediest one in it's class it still blows away any mechanical equivalent ; For the size and price this drive is a great value ; Nuff said

Price per gig is still high but that's par. "Ya makes yer choices, and ya pays yer monies." about sums it up

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung von: inahut (newegg.com)

Very worthy starting point--and fair warning


Do not trust yourself to the ocz mail-in rebate process. I know from experience that iti is actually a lie. I can verify this to be true to anyone interested. My rebate claim has been approved for MONTHS, and ocz fails to this day to mail it to me. I...

Performs with no glitches. The size is acceptable and the price for this size is more than acceptable in light of the speed that is gained, compared to conventional hard disc drive technology, even WD's Raptors

really none. I only replaced this item because I wanted an ssd twice the size at least, which I found when a larger ocz ssd one day showed up on NewEgg for a price lower than I had ever seen, because of a mail-in rebate

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung von: Cerberus (newegg.com)

Fast, Works Flawlessly


I originally bought this for my field work laptop (Toshiba Satellite core 2 duo/centrino w/vista home premium 64) and was very pleased with the performance improvement it gave; almost quadrupling sequential read speed (227.3 MB/s) and doubling to...

Fast, Silent, Low power consumption

None found yet

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung von: DEL (newegg.com)



Worry if it will break. Oh well, who cares, it has a long warranty period.

Worked out of the box. Placed it in my notebook... system rating went up 2 points! Boots fast, very responsive, breathed new life into a notebook I was ready to give up on

Can't tell if it is running as fast as it could. It is running so fast that I do not care anyways

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

Best SSD for performance and price


128GB supports all needs for laptop usage, but will need an HDD support for recorded tv. Suggest using the SSD for the OS and programs. But use an second HDD for gaming and recorded tv. Also, this SSD is built by an trusted name in storage solutions.

It is an SSD, what else can be said. Fast, low-power usage, light, soild construstion. 128GB to support most all OS, programs, gaming needs. Is definitely worth every penny

Needs Windows 7 with Trim command support to bring the full potential of the SSD

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: Texstar (newegg.com)

Works great on Linux


I installed this drive on a new system build for my PCLinuxOS box. The drive was detected and easily formatted with the tools provided by PCLinuxOS. Installation was fast and painless. Now I have a very fast performing Linux system.

This drive is fast. Boot times are cut almost in half. Applications launch before your finger releases the button on the mouse. Works with Linux


Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: willmtemple (newegg.com)

Solid SSD


I don't think I fully realized just how fast 128 GB fills up when you use Steam. I would consider a secondary SSD for games if you've got the money, or just putting them on an HDD, but either way you'll want to relocate data and such off the drive and...

It's solid, runs fast, and that's about it coming from a former 7200RPM HDD user


Nov 2010

Kundenmeinung von: Akora (newegg.com)

Solid & Fast


I've been really happy with all of my Western Digital products.

So far I've had it 6 months and no issues. The most noticeable improvements came in Boot up & Shut down times ; Very fast boot up and shut down times. Boot up went from 25 sec. to like 10 sec. Shut down went from 47 sec. to 3 sec ; My work and gaming...

It didn't fit into my hard drive cage even w/ the 2.5 to 3.5' adapter bracket. 128GB is good for a moderate amount of installs, but I can see that I'll have to manage what gets installed on the SSD and what gets installed on the more traditional hard...

Nov 2010

Kundenmeinung von: GreatBigRadio (newegg.com)

Terrific drive for the price!


If you're looking for a killer cost-to-speed ratio, this is a great choice.

I put this into a 2008 MacBook Pro, and wow, what a difference. Boot-up time is cut in half, app access is almost instant and it behaves great with Pro Tools and all audio applications. Great speed and specs, especially when you factor in the cost

Yeah, I had to sacrifice space (this replaced a 500gb hard drive), but iPhoto and my Pro Tools sessions were the major culprits. I keep an external drive at home for those, and I transfer my necessary sessions from a 32gb USB stick

Nov 2010