Vantec Thermal MRK-525CRU2

Vantec Thermal MRK-525CRU2
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Okt 2018

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With my new system build I wanted to do away with the classic hard-drives and went full SSD. I won't be swapping drives, so once they're in, they're in and it all works. It's not as flimsy as others state. I have screw free bays, but had to use screws...


Apr 2013

Kundenmeinung (

works fine


pluged in easy enough, fired right up, windows auto installed drivers quickly, works as advertised

i gues i didn't think about it but be aware it will require 3 SATA power connections & 2 SATA data connections & 1 usb connection to get it fully operational so it does demand quite a bit of mother board space & power cables, the item does include 2...

Mär 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Good mobile racks


Like other reviewers mentioned, the lights are really bright. I picked these racks over other racks because I wanted the blue lights to match my case, but these are obnoxiously bright. If the manufacturer reads this, please, keep using blue LED but...

These are decent little mobile racks... They work as they should, beyond that, there isn't much to add ; USB and card reader is a nice inclusion. I also purchased two of the ones with no reader and they work fine as well ; I would buy them again and...

Little hard to get in and out. But for the price I can NOT complain

Mär 2013

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All In One


Some products may or may not work with all equipment sometimes you have to be creative. very little on this product, just order two sata1,2or 3 cables when buying with straight ends. Over all not a bad product

Very much what it states its all in one. which is what I was looking for. SSD, memory card, USB all fit into 5 1/4 slot. All working with the purpose it was built for

light weight plastic construction, Could have been better built and easier access to the SSD Drive bays ; Comes with two sata cables that have a straight and a 90 degree. Had to order new cables were both ends were straight to make the connection

Dez 2012

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A bit too delicate


Part of one of the SATA port pieces broke off during installation. This isn't interfering with the usage of the device yet, but it is annoying to have something snap off when you are taking extra care to install the device. Unless something else goes...

Cost effective, efficient use of space, multi purpose

Too delicate, parts can break off easy during installation

Jun 2012

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Awesome addition for Virtualization hot swapping


The panel is not a Sata III controller, all it really does is extend two sata ports on your mother baord so that you can mount drives from the outside of your case without having to open it. If you plug a sata III port up to it, then it will be a Sata...

SD Card readers ; USB3 headers ; Two 2.5" hard drive bays ; Sata III


Mai 2012

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Works fine


Blue drive activity LED's are really freaking bright! Also.. the LED's seem to be reversed. They are on continually until there is drive activity at which point they turn off. Does not effect functionality but it's interesting to see my main case drive...

Plugged right in and worked no issues. SATA3 works fine although my crystalmark scores dropped a little bit for my 2 Crucial M4's in RAID0. But still high enough to confirm that they are indeed running at SATA3 speeds

None so far

Feb 2012

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Get it together, Newegg. This isn't a SATA III product and you know it.

It would have been great if it had actually been the product said it was

The title should say it all. I ordered this thinking it was a 6GB SATA III bay. It's not. It's "compatible", which means it's backwards compatible ; I'm really, really not happy that Newegg not only falsely advertised this, but also failed to note it....

Feb 2012

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easy install


It comes with 2 older style ide power plug to sata power plug adapters; that was fortunate, I've maxed out my sata power connectors from my power supply, but all the other style were unused. Nice bonus.

Real easy install, doesn't even need software. I like having two more USB sockets in the front of the computer. Seems sturdy enough, and the sata drive drawers slide in and out easily


Sep 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Vantec NexStar SE Dual 2.5" SATA Hard Drive/SSD Rack w/Memory Card Reader & USB 2.0 Ports - Model MRK-525CRU2


Constructed of a nice hard plastic that isn't flimsy and bendable like many cheaper products. This benefits the 2.5 drive trays in the unit as you have to pinch the tabs to remove them. With a cheaper plastic these would be sure to break off in no...

Only thing is I wished it had 4 USBs on the front. Perhaps the front panel realestate would not allow for it

Aug 2011