Super Talent UltraDrive ME ( FTM32GX25H ) Vast station

Super Talent UltraDrive ME ( FTM32GX25H ) Vast station
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Okt 2018

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Excellent Performance and Value


If you search on the manufacturer's site, you'll find that this SSD has a 64mb cache, which eliminates the 'stutter' problem that many SSDs suffer from. I have owned this drive for about three months and I have had no issues whatsoever! I was able to...

So popular it's out of stock

Okt 2009

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Why is it that they are so expensive when they are cheaper to make than disk drives?

It works better than I could have expected, I will never go back to disk drives again


Sep 2009

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Good product but didn't notice HUGE difference


I did not notice a huge difference in performance over an HDD. There was definitely a noticeable difference in both read and write speeds, but in retrospect I would have rather got a 320GB HDD for $40 than a 32GB SSD for $120. I have my HDD set up as...

Much faster reads and moderately faster writes than my HDD on the same rig ; Low heat and power consumption ; Some bragging rights

Price per Gig ; Speed increase did not justify the extra money spent over an HDD ; Limited writes. Might not be a con if it lasts a few years as opposed to a few months ; Some programs and games have difficulty running on a non C: drive. I had to put...

Aug 2009

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Awesome random seek +RW times.


Probably increases the boot speeds on slower machines. I haven't noticed a difference between this one and my 1 TB drive. My computer is pretty quick though.

Awesome speed overall. Small, silent, and cool

2.5 inch. Great for laptops, but desktops require an inexpensive mounting bracket

Aug 2009

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Nice drive for SSD


SSD is a new technology. You do need to stay up on it- that means be proactive in checking the website for firmware updates. I highly recommend going to their forums and reading the guides on tweaking the hard drive. Actually- you do need to do it for...

Fast, my drive has been stable. I didn't get a version that needed firmware update

Price of course, but for speeds you get and SSD- these are actually priced well

Aug 2009

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My System: AMD am2 9650 2.3 x4 XFX GTX260 Black Edition Asus m3n78-vm mobo Super Talent 32gb, WD 500gb 8gb OCZ Reaper 1066

Installed windows 7 with no problems. Starts windows in less than 10 seconds. Putting this in your computer is even more noticeable than adding ram! Even dropped the drive from about 4ft up to pavement and it didn't affect it lol

its a 2.5" laptop drive so it wont bolt in a desktop. So i got some double sided sticky adhesive pads to stick it to the bottom of my tower

Jul 2009

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Installed Windows 7 RC7100 x86 and it stuttered like hell. Installed Windows XP Pro SP2 and it worked.. until i activated my copy of windows and then tried to shut the PC down. At which point the computer froze and i had no choice but to power down the...

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Did i get a used/broken SSD

Jun 2009

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Why this????


When i received the hard drive, it weighed only about half a pound. the box that the HD came in was big enough to fit at least another 3. Why couldn't they include an adapter for this as well, there was more then enough room for it.

When it worked, it was fast. Small

Why did I received it from NewEgg RMA warehouse??? I ordered new stuff not re certified one. HD is defected. It is posting only every second or third time after reboot or not at all

Jun 2009

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super tallent's got pep


I benched the Seagate momentus 7200rpm 320gb and super talent 32gb ftm32gx25h. Heres the gorry mess. seagate- Random acess 19ms, average 72.3 mb/sec. burst 252 mb/sec Pro tallent- 1ms random access!!, average read 224 mb/sec!! burst 182.mb/s

bought for my laptop to replace the a larger 320gb 7200rpm drive. Looking for faster boot speed, app running and battery life. benched both below and super tallent looks like money well spent. would deff go speed over space! Dont go with a 16gb to...

next year thell have a 500gb ssd 3gb/sec for 130.00 hahaha. No complaints the drive is sweet. Well see how long it lasts

Mai 2009

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Price per performance/size , I can't find a better deal. WOW!! I bought ICY DOCK MB882SP-1S-1B 2.5" to 3.5" SSD & SATA Hard Drive Converter so i can fit the 2.5" in our current arrays.

WOW for the price ; Below are REAL tests from our Adaptec SAS array / SQL server using SQLIO & 4GB test files ; All tests are partitioned as NTFS 64K file systems, reading and writing 64K I/O block size. (SQLs Optimal) ; Disk controller set 4 write...

Still dosent compare to a ram disk ; CenaTek Ramdisk 4GB x1 ; Sequential Reads =22,527 ; MB per second=1,407 ; Sequential Writes=17,669 ; MB per second=1,122 ; Random Reads=4,974 ; MB per second=310 ; Random Write=4,918 ; MB per second=307 ; Latency ;...

Apr 2009