Patriot Inferno PI120GS25SSDR 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Patriot Inferno PI120GS25SSDR 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
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Okt 2018

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Highly recommended. By far the best upgrade I have ever done with the most noticeable difference.

I went straight from a WD black edition to this so the performance difference was overwhelming. My computer shuts down in about 6 seconds. I also can't believe how fast windows is. Programs open so fast you can't even see the splash screen

Other devices are so dang slow now so data transfer is still limited by the slower device....for now. :) ; Makes my other non-SSD computers kind of a pain to use

Jan 2011

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Fast Drive



FAST! Easy to install ; Patriot tech support available on first call

I am surprised that a company the caliber of Patriot does NOT make any type of 3rd party TRIMM utility or garbage collection utility for use with XP , as OCZ and intel have done ; I can see where a utility as such would be a real plus

Jan 2011

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Bad Product, Bad Support


Stay away, get a OCZ SSD drive. They ran out of stock of the replacement for me and they air shipped the replacement to me from overseas. Now that is what I call customer support and that is what I will be buying from now on.

It worked for 4 months

Received an RMA on Nov. 22 2010, arrived at Patriot on Nov. 29th and has been sitting there for over 6 weeks. Dialing their RMA department is a complete waste of time as no one ever picks up or returns my numerous messages left for them asking for my...

Jan 2011

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Fast SSD


Make sure you enable Windows TRIM and disable Indexing. I used my hard drive duplicator to copy all 97GBs of data from my old SSD to this new one. It finished in 11 minutes! I don't have a bias for Patriot just because I own two of them. The value was...

Extremely light, no noise what so ever, and easy to install. Much faster than my last SSD and one third the price. I bought a Patriot 120GB SSD almost 2 years ago for $680. The Inferno was only $250 and is twice as fast. It's nice to see that fast SSD...

None. Maybe not as fast as some of the higher end drives, but who cares. The difference is so slight it didn't factor in

Jan 2011

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Online multiplayer games like BFBC2 will not benefit from this drive. Loading times and gameplay lag still result from web connection bottlenecking. SATA II is still sufficient for this drive. I have a motherboard with SATA III (Asus P7P55D-E), but...

Flawless operation and durability. Despite my friends' reluctance to get an ssd due to fears of reliability. These new ssd's with SandForce chips are extremely reliable. I have had zero problems with mine ; Near-instantaneous load times for games like...

Not a big difference in boot time. It still takes around 30 sec. My guess is that you will only notice a difference if you have a lot of programs that load when you boot. I don't. HOWEVER, in the past, my boot times have always gradually gone up from...

Dez 2010

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Fast Fast


Why are you reading this? Just get it, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this SSD. This is the best way to add that boost you were searching!!! IMPORTANT: verify that you have TRIM enabled after install this, disable indexing and...

Easy to install, fast boot and shutdown


Dez 2010

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Another Nice SSD


Performs well, but I think I won't be trying anymore of this model. From my experience Intel is the best choice overall. I've had some issues with other brands but Intel has been perfect in all cases and not only rated faster, but feels faster too.

Priced right in there with the other simular SSD drives, includes mounting bracket, SandForce SF-1222, great speed specifications. Made a big improvement over the original 7200RPM drive

I've used a lot of Intel and Kingston v+ series 120/128GB drives and was expecting a much better WEI score. My Kingston's have been getting 6.9 - 7.0 and the Intel has been getting 7.6 -7.7. I expected this drive to do better, but on an I7 gaming...

Dez 2010

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Great buy


Deprived myself of SSD due to cost. Researched for a week between OCZ, Intet, Adata and Patriot. Bought Patriot and have no regret doing the purchase ; Might buy another one

none so far

Dez 2010

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Works great in 13" Macbook Pro


This drive is insanely fast. The mac fully boots in 10 seconds, programs (even very big ones like outlook) open almost instantly, and the drive saves quite a bit of power. I should deduct one egg for the mounting screw issue, but since it is still held...

Very fast, works great in my 2010 unibody macbook pro

Mounting screws screw in through the body of the SSD, and there are very few threads to hold the screws in place. One of the screws from the original mac hard drive was not fully held in place and could not be tightened. The drive was still held...

Dez 2010

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Crazy fast!!


More storage space would've been nice.

I got this SSD for my Alienware M11x, and must say, I'm extremely happy with my purchase. It benchmarks higher than my gaming rig which has 2 10000RPM Veloci Raptors in a RAID0 array ; Install was easy, hassle free, and flawless. With the rebate this...

None really. Except they appear to now be sold out

Dez 2010