OCZ OCZ Z-Drive R2 E84 (OCZSSDPX-ZD2E88512G) - PCI-Express SSD - 512GB

OCZ OCZ Z-Drive R2 E84 (OCZSSDPX-ZD2E88512G) - PCI-Express SSD - 512GB
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Dez 2017

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Kundenmeinung von: the finisher (newegg.com)



My, that's a spendy little gizmo.

Bet it's fast

Ah, price

Feb 2011

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

OCZ Z-Drive R2 E88 OCZSSDPX-ZD2E88512G PCI-E x8 512GB PCI Express SLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)



Price. This technology is not new. In relation to ssd drives it is a different idea. Ram is expensive not this expensive. Divide by 10 and it might be worth it

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: E.B. (newegg.com)

Fastest drive you will ever own,


I got this drive from a OCZ convention in sacremento, ca as part of a raffle, I wouldnt trade or sell it for anything, despite the fact I could get a really good used car for its ungodly price tag.

Speed wise there is none better, programs will load in 1 or 2 seconds as long as you got the CPU t back it up

the $9000 price tag, you can get the 1TB PCI-E 4x for $6000 less

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: clench (newegg.com)

Terrible Design


Looks a lot like a bunch of old ram sticks glued together

no blue LEDs, $10,000

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

Promo Review.


I was considering a large SSD array, to basically accomplish what this does. After testing, and some consideration, I still think a decent raid card and 8 64gb SLCs would accomplish this better. (Better in this case being similar in performance, and...

A very kind customer's IT guy let me borrow his Z-drive for a week before he installed it. Putting it through the paces was entertaining. Using a gentoo Dual Quad Core Server, we bottle necked at the file system itself. btrfs with the ssd option got...

A. I Can't keep it ; B. I couldn't boot from it directly ; C. Why stop at 0.5TB

Nov 2010

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)



Yes, these super-performance drives can cost upwards of 10 grand and beyond, but as soon as SSD takes the market and pushes HDD out of commission, prices should drop substantially

These things are beasts!!! 512MB SLC flash is ridiculous...my local server hosting company has just recently upgraded their servers to use these to improve performance of their networks and my, oh my, has it done so

I still enjoy the occasional buffet once a yr or so...lol ; Perpetual cycle of technology essentially means that in 10 yrs this will only cost $10

Nov 2010

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

It is Warren Buffett


Vast majority of general population spells Warren Buffett's last name as Buffet. Warren Edward Buffett is an American investor. A buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves.



Nov 2010

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

512 GB of SLC?? Crazy


This is not just for Warren Buffet, he might not even know what to do with it. People who are looking for a storage device like this are going to be the people who A) think the price is worth it and B) are going to buy it.

To the other "reviewer" (brahmaman) who said that this product was too expensive and rated themselves "high" in tech knowledge: This product is sporting 512 GB of SLC flash, not MLC which is MUCH cheaper. If you compare this price to other SLC drives...


Nov 2010

Kundenmeinung von: brahmaman (newegg.com)

Great Product but, what a rip off


This is the fastest HDD (SSD) you have ever seen but unless you are Waren Buffet you probably can't afford it.

I do not own it but have seen it in action. It is as good as they say nothing wrong with product

Price!!! it is unbelievable and you know it costs probably $50 for them to prodce this, how do these computer parts company people sleep at night charging this kind of money. SSD is the new thing but not that new and price vs performance is anything...

Okt 2010

Kundenmeinung von: Rae Bodep (newegg.com)

It's like the best


It's a pretty fast harddrive

It's only 512GB, I wasn't able to back up my harddrives because of all of my data

Aug 2010