Ocz AGT3-25SAT3-60G Agility 3

Ocz AGT3-25SAT3-60G Agility 3
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Okt 2018

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Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Super fast even in older system ** UPDATE!


I read that in Linux the NO-OP scheduler was best for SSD. I recompiled the 3.2.9 kernel with NO-OP scheduler support and removed the CFQ. SORRY! My system is old- only the SATA II. Can't wait to see these numbers in a new system from Newegg. hdparm -T...

Very easy to install and very fast. I'm using Ubuntu Linux with a fine-tuned 3.2.9 Kernel. All of the superfluous drivers, features and hardware support were removed. So the system really flies! Startup and shut-down was always pretty fast but now it's...

Sounds like the only con is if you're running Microsoft Windows and didn't get the driver and/or have a virus. I certainly don't miss those days! World Of Warcraft runs better on my Linux than it did with Windows + typical virus + nearly useless...

Mär 2016

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

OCZ reliability strikes again


As seen from many other reviews of OCZ drives at the time, this is not an uncommon occurrence. So while it may have taken longer for the drives I owned, they still failed at a fairly young age. Quite frankly, even though OCZ was sold off to Toshiba a...

Used as a secondary SSD to an OCZ Vertex 3, until it failed, and this became the primary. Even though its specs weren't as high, there wasn't a very noticeable drop in performance.

This drive was purchased in December 2011, and after 4 years and 2 months, no longer works. Seems to be experiencing the same problem as the Vertex 3, and can no longer be booted from.

Feb 2016

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Works great as advertised


It works like it should. It's been working for a couple years now. It was very affordable as I got a refurbished one.

I don't see a huge speed advantage over HDD with the exception of booting up.

Jan 2016

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

They function even after several years.


Since I got these drives when they were new (and on sale at the time), they've been worth it for what I've put them through and they're still working just fine. Still, for the same price today you can get faster, more spacious drives. Don't buy these...

I've got 2 of these and they're much faster than a platter drive, especially in RAID 0. Silent, cool, great on power consumption.

Performance doesn't even come close to specifications, and they're way too expensive when comparing speed/capacity to more modern drives. >Up to 525MBps (SATA 6Gbps) AS SSD benchmarks never went above 138MB/s Sequential read for a single drive....

Nov 2015

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)



I've had 4 of these in a Raid 0 for nearly 4 years now, all drives working perfectly since day one.

I'm not sure that I'd buy these drives again if I needed to ever replace/upgrade them because there are newer drives in existence now, but I'd definitely give OCZ my recommendation.

Nov 2015

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

OCZ Agility 3 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) AGT3-25SAT3-120G


I am sure it would have been great if it had worked longer than 4 days.

Packaged in the plastic that is impossible to open with anything short of a blow torch, not sure if that is a pro still.

DOA within a week. I moved on and went for Intel.

Nov 2015

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)



starting to show its age after three years but its far surpassed its expected lifespan

Has over 16000 hours total uptime and is still going strong after 3 years of ownership quick for a drive of the time stays cool even in my space heater of a laptop

Could have been faster only 120GB (110 useable with windows 10)

Okt 2015

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Still Kicking


I have had absolutley no issues with this SSD. It has done everything I have thrown at it, from RAID, Acceleration, Stress Tests, etc, and it is STILL kicking. Not slowing down at all, no errors with file storage, nothing! Lets hope my Samsung EVO PROs...

Still a pretty fast SSD for coming out in 2012. Still kicking after 3 1/2 years.

Sep 2015

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Best SSD I've used yet..


Reading all other comments about how they had bad SSD's and etc... Have you guys thought of checking to see if there was a firmware update for them? Can save your SSD from failing if they kept on updating firmware.. just information... I have updated...

Super fast SSD, I'd recommend it for which I have not only have 2 of these in this current Desktop I am using since Feb. 2013.. I also own a refurbished Agility 2 in my 2010 Gateway Laptop NV53 series since November 2012 which is still working at its...

None so far...

Aug 2015

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)



DON'T buy any OCZ SSDs EVER - they just up and die for no reason whatsoever. You don't even have to be using them - they can die just sitting idle. They probably have a timeout software glitch their evil leadership had installed just so they could sell...

I guess the price was ok, except it died just sitting there not being used

The drive died and took my main install with it ; The other OCZ agility 2 I had died as well ; OCZ is THE ONLY SSD brand that has EVER DIED on me ; I've (own) owned a lot of other SSDs

Jul 2015