Mushkin MKNSSDIO128GB 128GB solid state drive

Mushkin MKNSSDIO128GB 128GB solid state drive
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Sep 2018

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Can't wait to get another one and RAID these things.

Simply awesome. I would expect nothing less from Mushkin. This set up is a whole different world compared to what I was used to working with

SSD's are still pricey, but not as bad as they used to be

Jun 2010

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SSD will KNOCK you socks off


It will take me an entire wkend to load all of my software on this.

Put this in my circa 2007 Mac BlackBook ; Start up times noticeably quicker ; 100% Satisfaction

I barf every time I even think about an old style hard disk

Jun 2010

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Everything you touch runs smooth - almost instant response. Go ahead and do the research -- you cannot beat this drive for price. Win 7 loves it....

This is an excellent purchase. I have another one of these also - I must warn you they will spoil you. You'll never go back to the old drives once you have this SSD. It runs circles around most of the competition

None - I would purchase another without question

Apr 2010

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They're Mushkins! Nothing else needs to be said!

The title says it all! These SSD's are the best! Raid them, and you'll have a hugely fast system


Apr 2010

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Computer with these as main drives is how a computer should run. Also have one for my D drive.

They smoke in raid 0 as main drive - nice quick system. (next competitor is WD black raptor in Raid) ; Installed windows 7 in 10 minutes ; Boots in 10 seconds ; There are minmal noticeable delays on any program, click and it is done ; (Running 920...

Will not run on 6 Gb/sec controller (Why not? Double speed would be nice!)

Mär 2010

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I am madly in love with this


Even with the cons: who cares? This SSD is lightning fast and is a Mushkin. 7.4 on my Windows 7 Experience Index. Boot times are down to 16 seconds, installs are unbelievably fast. You will love this.

260 MB/s read, 180 MB/s write in ATTO. Detected immediately by my Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R MoBo and Windows 7. This thing is wickedly awesome. The SSD casing is metal, which is a nice touch

Had to flash firmware to start with as indicated by Mushkin's site, but that seems to be the norm with SSDs right now. The only issue I came across with this is to make sure the SSD is plugged into one of the ICH10R SATA ports. I originally had it in...

Mär 2010

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Absolutely Phenomenal!!!!!


This drive is all that it is advertised to be. Mushkin support is the absolute best. Just listen to this.......I was attempting to create a bootable USB that is needed for the Firmware upgrade. For some reason I couldn't get the flash drive to boot as...

This is reading at 255 and writing at 175 according to ATTO. I am booting Windows 7 Ultimate in 18 second post bios splash screen!!!!! Windows Experience went from 5.9 Seagate ST3500418AS) to 7.3 with this drive. Supports TRIM command in Windows 7

Are you kidding me

Mär 2010

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2 in RAID 0 benched


Tested on: P6T Deluxe V2 with ICHR10 raid controller i7 920 @ 4GHz (20 x 200 BCLK)

IO meter reports ; 426 MB per/s sequential read ; 278 MB per/s sequential write ; Purchased direct from Mushkin for less using web discount

Still expensive

Mär 2010

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Cache Controversy Settled


Whoever or whateversites are reviewing this hard drive as having a 64gb cache need to get their facts straight. Just because the numbers are similar doesn't mean they are the same. IO uses the H55S5122DFR cache chip NOT the H55S5122DFA chip. Notice one...

512mb of cache on the 128gb and 256gb

Performance and the only 512mb cache on the market makes it a little but not overly pricey

Feb 2010

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Mushkin Enhanced Io MKNSSDIO128GB 2.5" 128GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


I'm purchasing most of a I7 860 here but at the last moment I ordered this from mfg for a 5% discount.

Indilinx 1500 controller. It was originally to be used in Vertex2 & Vertex Limited addition but apparently was too exspensive. I saw review on OverClochersclub. Performance exceedes Patiot Torqx


Feb 2010