32GB Solid State Drive (Ultra ATA/66)

32GB Solid State Drive (Ultra ATA/66)
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Feb 2018

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Kundenmeinung von: tifosiv122 (newegg.com)

220.64% increase in average Read from stock HDD!


This isn't the world's fastest drive by any means, but if you have a notebook with a 1.8" drive, and you have the money, you're nuts if you don't try this.

I purchased this product to replace my Sony Vaio X505's 1.8" HDD. The factory unit has a 20GB drive. I have two notebooks so I was able to do a side by side - clean install using the different drives. The difference is amazing. The read went from 15.5...

Price. You pay more per MB then you would otherwise. Also, I had to remove the drive from the outer casing for it to fit in the notebook, but that wasn't a big deal

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung von: darryl (newegg.com)

New Life to an Old Laptop


If NewEgg has another sale on these, I'll probably buy a couple.

Very fast. My laptop now boots in less than half the time it did before ; Low heat output. I used to have to have a fan to cool the laptio, but with the new SSD drive I no longer need the additional cooling ; Longer battery. Without having moving...

Didn't fit snugly since my old drive was a 2.5", but not a big deal. I just cut some cork and now it stays in place

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung von: Vlad (newegg.com)

Not worth the price


Don't get this expecting a huge performance increase. If this truly obeys the udma2 spec, the max possible transfer rate is a paltry 33MB/s, where as a Raptor should easily do twice that. Fast USB sticks are comparable in speed. Instead of wasting...

Good for laptops and low power environments. Very responsive (low latency) disk access, as you'd expect form a SSD

The price for starters. *Major* early adopter premium here ; Not sure where the hell people are getting "as fast as a 7200 RPM drive" or a "WD Raptor" from. No matter what cabling I tried I couldn't get any higher than udma2 in Linux, which seems...

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung von: laser21 (newegg.com)

Change from 1,8" 4200rpm HDD is amazing


would buy again

I recently changed my 60gb 4200rpm 1,82 hdd in my fujitsu q2010 for this drive. It was a perfect fit ; 47mb sustained read, 30mb sustained write speed. acces time average 0.3ms ; amazing boot, resume from standby, hibernate ; Office apps are lightning...

I bought an open box item for 313dollars, which is in my eyes appropriate. So yeah, the price is a con

Mär 2008

Kundenmeinung von: How2do (newegg.com)

Dell Latitude X1 with 32GB SSD


Though the SSD specs says it supports Ultra DMA Mode 4, it shows the Mode 2. I think because of the write speed limitation (33 MB/sec). But it doesn't seem to affect the system performance. The system is still fast and responsive.

Fast boot, running cool and completely silent

Under XP and Vista works at the Ultra DMA Mode 2

Mär 2008

Kundenmeinung von: xtravar (newegg.com)

Running it in a desktop


IF you are putting this in a desktop (which is probably wise since it's $200 cheaper than the desktop version offered here), you need a 1.8" -> 2.5" adapter AND a 2.5" -> 3.5" adapter. The adapters are fragile so be careful. You'll also need to...

Consistent fast read times. I boot WinXP-64 in about 10-15 seconds

Slower write times (like all SSD) ; ATA-66 ; Small capacity ; Expensive

Feb 2008

Kundenmeinung von: misslexi (newegg.com)

Excellent product


Highly recommended if you are looking to replace a 4200 RPM HD.

Replaced the 40G HD in my Sony Vaio PCG-TR3 subnotebook. Fit perfectly and the machine runs like its on steroids. Significant performance boost

Not cheap but I'll get a couple more years out of the laptop

Feb 2008

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

Solid and fast


Installed the SSD in my Fuji P1610 and it works great. The fit was perfect, and was really easy to install. Boot times are 3x faster now, and it runs cool and quiet. I recommended this upgrade for users replacing a 1.8" drive in a sub-notebook


Feb 2008

Kundenmeinung von: N/A (newegg.com)

Overall, I'm very satisfied


My OQO 01 only has 256 MB of soldered RAM, so replacing my HD with this gave me quicker access time to my swap file without, significantly improving performance, without the use of a soldering iron.

This drive has added new life to my old handtop

My computer wouldn't recognize the drive until I had reformatted it and it was a little thicker than the 1.8" drive I was replacing

Jan 2008

Kundenmeinung von: rjp350z (newegg.com)

Not worth it



Had drive working on test bench for about 20 days. Now the drive will not boot nor will the bios even recognize the drive

Jan 2008