Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD (PS4)

Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD (PS4)
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Jul 2018

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came very fast


Great game to play or add to your collection if you are a Final fantasy fan

great price its final fantasy

Mär 2016

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Worth a go...with a PSP.


It's worth taking a peek at this game, but I wouldn't buy it new. Let someone else take the money hit and get it used if you must buy it. I got the game free with a PS4 console and I wouldn't pay for it if I had to.

Great story, as is par with most of SE's FF titles. Really enjoyed the graphics and scenarios, but it seems there are constant cut-scenes around every event.

The game was ported from a PSP title to play on a console, but they didn't change much. If you're not constantly locked to a target, the camera is all over the place and it's easy to lose track of what you're doing. So many cut-scenes leave me with a...

Jan 2016

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Great Game


After seeing the reviews on here for this game I had to write a review. Clearly alot of these fools didn't really look into the game at all. Type-0 is a port from the PS Vita. Therefore, the controls are a little overly aggressive and the graphics are...

*Multiple Playthrough required to fully unlock the story. *Originally priced a bit higher than it should have been for a port. *English Voice Acting is cringeworthy (But luckily the japanese Voice acting is available.)

Sep 2015

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After 50 hours of playing this...


To mitigate the aspect of grinding levels for 14 characters up to as far as 99th level... there's a nice "Secret training" option that unlocks fairly early and allows you to log out in the training facility and gain a few levels (EXP boost every 2...

This is not turn-based Final Fantasy so if you're looking for FF1 - FFX-2 combat style, this will not be what you expect. However, the story is very gritty and engrossing and once you get used to the fact that you'll be dodging a LOT and using mostly...

The only real con in my opinion is the grinding aspect of the game. I started on "Officer" difficulty (aka normal) so maybe if I had started on "easy" I could have blown through it more quickly... but I was looking for a longer lasting adventure so if...

Mai 2015

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Trading it for something better.

OK graphics

Horrible controls. Works like a handheld game. I expected much, much more considering how much it costs.

Apr 2015

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FF Type-0


FF 15 preview

Very dissatisfied owner. Play is too much like hand-held and controls are unresponsive.

Apr 2015