Activision 047875846913

Activision 047875846913
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Sep 2018

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Game was labeled not for resale!


None yet

Game hasn't been opened. Thai game was purchased and was supposed to have a $20 rebate. When I received the game it was labeled not for resale. To get the rebate, you need the UPC. Not for resale games don't have a UPC. Called Newegg customer service,...

Apr 2016

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0/1000 wouldn't waste my time thinking about playing this also never got my rebate (i filled it out and sent it out in the mail months ago)

Its often free with a rebate card and sometimes an extra game

$3 shipping horrible game

Apr 2016

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Best purchase ever!


Best game ive ever owned for free (after MIR). I havent played it, but it was free! Love that price!

They did not pay me to buy the game. That would have been a better deal. Did not come with expansions.

Mär 2016

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Do not buy this edition


Destiny is an amazing game. It has a large amount of content to explore that has a lot of thought put into it. The gameplay is incredibly tight and fluid. There are a number of RPG elements in the game, such as weapon customization, armor...

Do not buy this edition. This is the base game now and to have the correct experience you will need to buy the Taken King expansion for $40 digitally with this, or $60 physically. Aspects that will not work are PvP playlists, some strikes, the Taken...

Mär 2016

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Great Game


loving It 10/10

Great Story, Multiplayer is alright, Amazing Graphics

Takes a lot of Internet to play even on story mode

Mär 2016

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Case Cracked


Cheap game and rebate

The case was completely broken upon arrival. I could tell as soon as I touched it that is was broken as I could hear rattling inside. Luckily the disk was still in place. The case, though, was broken at the top with a bunch of little pieces fallen...

Mär 2016

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Speedy Delivery, Broken Case


Delivery was fast, packaging was adequate. Game works fine.

Upper-right corner of case was broken. Disc had popped out of it's retention holder.

Mai 2015

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Very Dissapointed


It's not so much about what this game is, but rather, what bungie promised and did not deliver. There is no "compelling story telling", not worthwhile loot, no persistent and living world. Destiny is a basic husk of an MMO/FPS. It doesn't even get the...

- The game can be fun - It plays like halo - Coopertive online play - Decent graphics - Multiplayer is fun

- Extremely repetitive - You have to buy great loot with at least 3 different currencies and rank high with your faction. - To rank up in your faction you have to grind for DAYS/WEEKS in order to finally start buying legendary gear. - Great loot does...

Dez 2014

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Awesomely Fun. - Got it for $45


Not a single player game by any means. Its only fun to play with other people. You have malicious people out there who ddos destiny/psn servers :/

Awesome game play. Haven't had any consistent network related issues. Dropped from a Crucible game here and there, but nothing to cause grief.

story is TERRIBLE.

Okt 2014

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Frequent Disconnection issues


I tried port forwarding, static ip on the PS4, already have an open NAT plus tried two different routers. It makes no difference. As for the rest of the game, it does play fine and you can still play strike missions with three players and it rarely...

Big maps, co-op game play, tons of looting, good graphics.

Some challenges require you to play multiplayer maps. Good luck finishing a single round. You will be kicked out of the match before its over almost every time. There are several online forums full of people having this problems and in my case I ended...

Okt 2014