Winning Eleven 6 (PS2)

Winning Eleven 6 (PS2)
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Okt 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : NCarr (

Winning Eleven 6 International on Playstation 2


It's a sports game, name a sports game in which the reply isnt high? Ok, maybe Golf Games, but theyre a different story. Really though, Unlocking all the secret teams will keep you busy for a while, and it will be alot more fun for you if you had a...

Sep 2004

Expertenbewertung von : John Rodriguez (

Winning Eleven 6 International (PS2)


There are a few titles in the gaming community that are as good as advertised. When the talk about WE6 (orginal Japanese release) and WE6:FE hit many sports forums, few thought the game was nearly as good as advertised. The critics were silenced when...

It’s the game many gamers have been waiting for but Konami needs to spend some valuable time with this title to push it over the edge. If it’s one the best playing sports titles made how does it not stack up? For starters Konami is acting like EA...

Jun 2003

Editor's Choice!

Expertenbewertung von : Travis Young (

Winning Eleven 6 - ps2


The only real shortcomings I could find with this title were the lack of MLS, English and European licensing. This pretty much means that you won't find any soccer specific teams, players, or stadiums. Instead, you get reasonable facsimiles of those...

Apr 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Matt C. (

Winning Eleven 6 International


As you can tell by the title, World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International is certainly not a new franchise, but this is the first time the game has officially been released in North America. Soccer is obviously the most popular sport on the planet,...

Anyway, to get to the point, WE6 really is the best soccer game out there. The Europeans and Japanese were right about this bad boy. The only disappointment is the lack of Network Adaptor support. Other than that, Winning Eleven 6 is a game that anyone...

Apr 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Eric Qualls (

Winning Eleven 6 International Review (PS2)


Konami has brought their worldwide soccer hit to the US, and fans of the futbol should be very happy. Winning Eleven 6 sports great graphics and intense gameplay that is sure to satisfy soccer fans of all types. It's tough to find good soccer games in...

Overall, Winning Eleven 6 is the best soccer game available in North America. It looks great, plays exceptionally well, and provides a realistic feel and intensity that no other game can match. You can play multiplayer games with up to eight people and...

Apr 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Joe_Dodson (

Winning Eleven 6 Review for the PS2


You say football, I say futbol.

Great controls; Smooth animations; Interesting training modes

Which could use better instruction; Some unintuitive play mechanics

Apr 2003

Expertenbewertung von : John Rodriguez (

Winning Eleven 6 IMPORT (PS2)


There are only a few games in the world that are truly pinnacles in sports gaming. In terms of team sports the two most impressive games revolve around the most popular game in the world, football (soccer), Championship Manager and Winning Eleven. In...

Let’s go over the game modes. The game has five modes, friendly, league, cup, practice/training and master league. There are over 40 international teams and more than 25 club teams to select in the various modes of play. I’m going to skip over the...

Jul 2002

Expertenbewertung von (

Winning Eleven 6


After much anticipation and two interim updates of Winning Eleven 5, the next true sequel to this amazing series has finally bestowed upon its many fans and to great applause. From the first few seconds of the intro (played alongside Queen's We Will...

commentary; Pick up and play game mechanics; Multiplayer mode adds infinite replayability

The game is unavailable in North America; May not be to everyone's tastes; Single player mode is a bit of an anti-climax compared to multiplayer

In my opinion, this is the best game available for the Playstation 2.

Expertenbewertung von (

Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution


The guys at Konami/KCET have done it again. After the original Winning Eleven 6, the European version which was Pro Evolution Soccer 2, and the US release, whose game title slapped the word ''International'' on WE6, now comes the most up-to-date...

Much-improved graphics; Endless replay value; Added statistics menu

Might not be worth the full price; Occasional glitches; Poor collision detection; Horrible commentary

FINAL WORD: By high standards, the Winning Eleven series has been ever-so-brilliant, and this title shows what Konami's capable of doing yet again. You'd be an absolute nightmare not to love this game, nearly 98% of the game is just so good, you'll...

Expertenbewertung von (

The Armchair Empire - Playstation 2 (PS2) Reviews: Winning Eleven 6


Since the series first started Japanese and European gamers have enjoyed Winning Eleven for its ability to so accurately recreate pro soccer

Lots of depth; Good controls; Nice animation; Good AI

Visuals lack detail; Commentators don't have enough to say