Wild Arms 4 (PS2)

Wild Arms 4 (PS2)
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Jul 2018

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alaTest has collected and analyzed 4 user reviews of Wild Arms 4 (PS2) from Amazon.co.uk. The average user rating for this product is 4.5/5, compared to an average user rating of 4.0/5 for other PlayStation 2 Games (PS2) on Amazon.co.uk.

100% of the reviews on Amazon.co.uk give this product a positive rating.

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Jul 2018

Expertenbewertung von : Garry Webber (videogamer.com)

Wild Arms 4


Essentially Wild ARMs 4 is an average RPG that half-heartedly tries to add a couple of new ideas to the genre.

HEX System tries to be different

Everything else has been done better elsewhere ; One dimensional cast ; Only 20 hours long

Essentially Wild ARMs 4 is an average RPG that half-heartedly tries to add a couple of new ideas, but these additions aren't done well enough and don't change the RPG formula enough to warrant much attention. Fans of the series may find something to...

Nov 2006

Expertenbewertung von : NowGamer ArchiveBot (nowgamer.com)

Wild Arms 4 (PS2) review


Flailing limbs and guns made of sand

Wild Arms 4 is not a big release such as Final Fantasy, nor is it as interesting as Dragon Quest VIII or as confounding as Digital Devil Saga. But if you're looking for something to do until FFXII then you could certainly do a lot worse.

Okt 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Christian Nutt (gamesradar.com)

Wild Arms 4


A role-playing game you can have fun with (but not too much fun, mind you) ... and that's about it

Fast-paced gameplay ; Entertaining battles and dungeons ; Different play types mix well

Unbalanced battle difficulty ; Easy, too-simple gameplay ; Tedious, irritating story

Mär 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Cavin Smith (psera.com)

Wild Arms 4

Feb 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Jared Black (vggen.com)

Wild ARMs 4


Wild ARMs 4 tells the tale of our spunky young hero Jude Maverick. Growing up in the isolated city of Ciel, our hero has never experienced any of the troubles of the world…or seen a girl for that matter. Then one day the sky itself mysteriously...

Wild ARMs 4 is the rare RPG that puts as much of an emphasis on fun as plot and character development. While the storyline is unoriginal and the characters stereotypical Japanese RPG heroes, the style the story is told in is strong enough to make it...

Feb 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Craig "American Idle" Hansen (dignews.com)

Wild Arms 4


One thing that will never be said about the Wild ARMs series of RPGs is that they're all cookie-cutter games. While there are earmarks that unite all the Wild ARMs games, each time out Media Vision does what they can to change things up and keep the...

Great new Hex-based tactics-style battle system ; Fresh post-war tone for this new chapter in the chronicles of the world of Filgaea ; Unlike Alter Code F, WA4 has voice acting

Graphics are best yet for series, but still not cutting-edge

Wild ARMs 4 is riding the crest of a coming flood of RPG goodness, and it is another classic chapter to this long-running series. The new Hex System battles add a fresh take.

Feb 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Andrew Calvin (the-nextlevel.com)

Wild ARMs 4


A much-needed addition to the classic Western-themed RPG series.

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Feb 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Amanda Bateman (gamesfirst.com)

Wild ARMs 4 Review


XSEED's debut title Wild ARMs 4, the American localization of Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator, is finally here, sporting flashy art, a new battle system, and its share of extras and secrets. But is it worth your gella to go out and grab it? Very likely. ...

HEX battle system, gorgeous art, sound, story feed

A few text glitches, some plot & character corniness

I really do encourage you to play this one. It may not be a blockbuster wonder sprinkled with hype, but it's traditional light-hearted fun and worthy of a spot in your gaming collection. So give it a try.

Feb 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Robert Workman (gamedaily.com)

Wild Arms 4 Review


The PlayStation 2 just keeps on pumping out RPGs as the latest in the Wild Arms series has just released.

Wild Arms 4 isn't going to redefine the RPG genre as we know it, but it does break new ground and, for that, I'll give it a recommendation. After all, creativity is key in order to get ahead in this gaming world, and XSeed seems to be following this...

Jan 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Will Jayson Hill (gameshark.com)

Wild Arms 4 Review


The latest entry in the Japanese RPG series is a entertaining but imperfect experience.

In the end, even though I have great respect for the combat system Wild ARMS 4 employs, the game just has too many flaws to bring it above average. Perhaps we�ll see it all come together better in the next edition of the franchise. Until then, it's...

Jan 2006