Wild Arms 3 (PS2)

Wild Arms 3 (PS2)
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Jul 2018

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alaTest has collected and analyzed 10 user reviews of Wild Arms 3 (PS2) from Amazon.com. The average user rating for this product is 3.9/5, compared to an average user rating of 4.1/5 for other PlayStation 2 Games (PS2) on Amazon.com.

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Jul 2018

Expertenbewertung von : NowGamer ArchiveBot (nowgamer.com)

Wild Arms 5 (PS2) review


If the ARMs were wild it might be more exciting.

Within seconds of starting you'll know you won't ever want to find out how it all ends for Dean and his annoying mates. Even if you love RPGs, you could try playing some other genre while waiting for FFXIII. At least then you'll have some fun.

Feb 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Jared Black (vggen.com)

Wild ARMs 5


I've always been a big fan of the Wild ARMs series. I picked the original Wild ARMs up on a whim way back at launch in early 1997, looking for an RPG to pass the time with until the arrival of the juggernaut that was Final Fantasy VII. Although I...

The hex battle system adds plenty of strategy to combat, and it’s been improved since the last installment ; There’s a lot of replay value here, with a long adventure, a number of side quests and the ever challenging puzzle boxes returning ; The...

Dean repeats the same few phrases over and over again while searching or climbing over obstacles, which gets very annoying very quickly ; The graphics are fairly average for a PS2 title ; Enemy A.I. is alternately stupid and just plain baffling

Wild ARMs 5 takes the series back to its roots in many ways, but also retains some of the best innovations from later titles in the series. While it still has a few problems that prevent it from being a top-tier RPG on the PS2, it's definitely a...

Dez 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Craig "American Idle" Hansen (dignews.com)

Wild Arms 5


Wild ARMs, as a series, began as one of the first RPGs Sony itself produced for its young PlayStation platform. Sporting a mixture of wild west and fantasy influences, it marked a slightly different take on the RPG formula popular at the time. A sequel...

Another solid storytelling experience, despite stretching credulity past the breaking point along the way ; The graphics are a step up from previous chapters ; The new grid-based spin on the battle system is a whiff of new perfume on a familiar face

The sense that the series is telling the same tale over and over again is definitely weighing it down ; The graphics still aren’t as sharp as other top PS2 RPGs

Wild ARMs 5 will stir nostalgia in fans for the longtime franchise, but also kind of make you hope when it comes back on the PS3 it goes through with the plastic surgery.

Nov 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Ben Dutka (psera.com)

Wild ARMs 5


A giant robotic arm; a golem arm, falls from the sky and crashes into a cave. Inside, you find the arm, and the hand opens up to reveal a silver-haired girl clutching a pair of special ARMs. She has a bad case of amnesia, and can only remember her...

Okt 2007

Expertenbewertung von (realmofgaming.com)

Wild ARMs 5


If you are a fan of this series, be sure to pick up the special anniversary edition while it lasts. Wild ARMs 5 is a relatively solid RPG and it is only $40 (cheap compared to the initial price for the newer console games). For others that relish...

Sep 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Sam Bishop (totalplaystation.com)

Wild Wild West


Wild ARMs 5 is the best game in the series since the first one, and arguably one of the best RPGs on the PS2.

Status effects are still relegated to the hexes themselves instead of characters, so curing an effect is as easy as moving out of the hex to a clean one -- though of course if your characters get boxed in they'll be stuck, but even here the Jump...

Sep 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Sarah Joynt-Borger (gamespy.com)

Wild Arms 5


A not-so-Wild West adventure, Wild Arms 5 is passable entertainment for a Sunday afternoon.

A simple, easy and undemanding RPG with unexpected moments of hilarity

Brain-dead enemy AI; clunky battle program; stilted storyline

Characters talk a lot. Which is a shame, because what they say is usually some form of a grunt combined with a "yeah" or a "come on!" and the music these exclamations cover up is actually one of the better parts of the game. As they run through their...

Sep 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Chris Dahlberg (cosmosgaming.com)

Wild Arms 5


Despite being fairly popular among RPG fans, the Wild Arms series has seen its share of high points and low points. After passing on the series after the third game performed poorly at retail, Sony let other publishers take the reigns. Publisher...

Despite its minor flaws and extremely easy difficulty, Wild Arms 5 is still a great RPG that fans will be sure to appreciate. Although slightly more lighthearted in nature than some of the more recent titles on the market, the story is still a well...

Sep 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Paul Ryan (gamesradar.com)

Wild Arms 5


An unusual setting and a great RPG make one (more) last hurrah for the PS2

Wearing a cowboy hat and having mana ; Bunches of boss fights ; Hex combat

The Western theme isn't consistent ; Too many pointless cut-scenes ; Cliche plot. Silly plot

Aug 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Dennis Rubinshteyn (rpgfan.com)

Wild Arms 5


I have a bit of history with Wild Arms. I loved the first installment to death, and it was one of the few RPGs I've beaten multiple times. On the other hand, I disliked Wild Arms 2 because it didn't click with me, and I loathed the gameplay mechanics...

Personally, Wild Arms 5 didn't dethrone the first installment as my favorite in the series, but it comes pretty close. Wild Arms 4 rekindled my love for the series, and the 5th game increased my love further. Its story isn't great, but the gameplay is...

Aug 2007