NHL Hitz Pro (PS2)

NHL Hitz Pro (PS2)
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Sep 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Wade Monnig (gamesarefun.com)

NHL Hitz Pro


NHL Hitz Pro manages to be both easily accessible and thoroughly entertaining. If you have bypassed the series in the past because you didn?t think ?Arcade Hockey? could be as fulfilling as a hockey simulation, it?s time to go back and go Pro.

Mär 2004

Expertenbewertung von (armchairempire.com)

NHL Hitz Pro - Playstation 2 Reviews - The Armchair Empire


With having been around the Armchair Empire as long as I have (and having been a hardcore gamer and general technophile for decades) you generate a tendency to look at a new game cover and can usually decide if you're going...

You can finally hit those uppity goalies; A great pick-up-and-play sports game; Want to hit every player on the ice – YOU CAN! Want to hit someone through the glass? YOU CAN

Graphics just aren’t as good as the competition; Don't expect many close games, think football scores; Fighting system is real sad

Jan 2004

Expertenbewertung von : Robert Workman (gamedaily.com)

NHL Hitz Pro Review


Robert Workman hits the ice with NHL Hitz Pro for the PS2. Can it stack up without the over-the-top gameplay?

So let this be a lesson. Sometimes changes are made for the better in a product, and NHL Hitz Pro is surprisingly the best yet in the series. What's left for NHL Hitz Pro 2005, dare I ask? Better league play options? Team building? Maybe a...

Dez 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Tim Lewinson (gaming-age.com)

NHL Hitz Pro


Oh the good old hockey game is the best game you can name...

Funnily enough, some of the cool options from last year are nowhere to be found in this version. No mini-games, editing player attributes in the franchise mode is no longer an option. There aren't as many items to earn this time around - you can find...

Okt 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Aaron Thomas (psera.com)

NHL Hitz Pro

Okt 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Russ Fischer (gamespy.com)

NHL Hitz Pro


As an arctic arcade blast, NHL Hitz Pro can deliver the goods, but a new case of simulation envy causes it to slip on the ice.

Great hits, fast, approachable gameplay, fun mini-games for multiplayer

Choppy cutaways, lousy fight mechanics, simulation play isn't up to par

Okt 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Dr_Moo (gamerevolution.com)

NHL Hitz Pro Review for the PS2


A new kind of icing.

Options galore; Solid gameplay; Decent delivery

Franchise takes a step back; Fighting for dummies; Different, not better

But in general, Yay for Midway trying something different with its Hitz series. While its simulation dreams don't match competing games, it offers enough of a varied experience to be considered a good, solid combo of the two sports game styles.

Okt 2003

Expertenbewertung von : Kyle (gamefreaks365.com)

NHL Hitz Pro review


First, allow me to say that you should not compare my review with the prior NHL Hitz series reviews, in which NHL Hitz 20-02 (9.5/10) and NHL Hitz 20-03 (8.8/10) were both reviewed by Shawn. Even though the rubric scale is the same for both of us, I...

Hitz Pro does have good sound effects however. The crowd does get involved in the game, making a lot of noise, the sound of skates on ice, and pucks being hit are all refreshing in a hockey game. Players being slammed against walls and shattering glass...

Expertenbewertung von : Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes (game-over.com)

NHL Hitz Pro


Here's an interesting question to pose to all of you sports fans today: Take a popular sport beloved by millions of people. Now, make it more accessible for newcomers while retaining the strategy necessary for hardcore fans. While some designers would...

. Aesthetics aside, NHL Hitz Pro still provides an enjoyable hockey experience that's easy to pick up and play, graphically sound and aurally interesting just like before. However, this experiment with more realism injected into the series lacks a...

Expertenbewertung von (operationsports.com)

NHL Hitz Pro Review (PS2)


NHL Hitz Pro is the first game from Midway that sports their new philosophy of “more realism”. You have to give it to the company for trying to change with the times. They took their proven formula of high-octane action and applied it to a 5-on-5...