NCAA Football 07 (PS2)

NCAA Football 07 (PS2)
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Aug 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : David Brothers (

NCAA Football 07


Every year at about this time we end up with another slate of sports titles. NCAA Football 2007's time has come yet again, and is it the football game we've all dreamed of, or is it not worth the time of day? The answer to that question depends on what...

This presents an interesting dilemma. You have a choice of either settling for a less attractive game on an older system, or paying more for a title that's lacking in features, but has awesome graphics. This bizarre move by EA marred what would've been...

Aug 2014

Expertenbewertung von : Jeff Paramchuk (

NCAA 07 Football


Nothing beats the level of intensity and drive that college sports offer the viewers as well as the players. Once the students make it to the big show, the level of drive and desire tends to drop slightly. I mean, what's your impetus for playing when...

Is this worth upgrading over an earlier version? Probably not, and it is better worth a rental. But parroting what I said in the Madden review, regardless of what I might say there are people who are going to buy every release of this game each and...

Sep 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Nick Arvites (

NCAA Football 07


Once again, fall is upon us and millions are preparing for the upcoming NCAA football season. Much like Saturdays spent on the couch screaming at the TV, EA's NCAA Football series is a mainstay for college football fans. In what looks to be the last...

Kicking meter ; Jumping the snap ; Campus Legend mode improvements ; Dynasty Mode ; Team-specific/tailored playbooks

Engine is still limited and shows limits across the game (gang tackles, goal-line play, linebackers, etc) ; Momentum meter is overpowered ; AI opponents “cheat” to catch up ; No true ESPN integration

NCAA Football 07 continues in the long line of EA's popular football series. While this is a good iteration of video game football, it will certainly frustrate anyone who wants to see things like viable goal-line defenses, power running, gang tackles,...

Sep 2006

Expertenbewertung von : CRAIG HUMPHREYS (

NCAA Football 07


Practice Thursday morning, study Thursday night, take a mid-term Friday, and then play against National Champions Texas University on Saturday. The Game.

Practice Thursday morning, study Thursday night, take a mid-term Friday, and then play against National Champions Texas University on Saturday. Yep, just like the real deal, just being good at football isn't all that matters in NCAA Football 07 for...

Aug 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Joe_Dodson (

NCAA Football 07 Review


Just say no to pro.

Defensive linemen rule; So does the momentum system; All of last year's great content; Revamped Campus Legend mode

That still has some problems; Special teams tweaks unnecessary

And apparently, the same goes for EA. Over the past six years they’ve released six great college football games for current-gen systems, and that tradition doesn't end here. With the enhanced Campus Legend content, realistic momentum system, excellent...

Jul 2006


Expertenbewertung von : Dan Leahy (

NCAA Football 07


We know. You're already a legend in your own mind. Now prove it NCAA 07 style.

Almost twice as many meaningful features as next-gen; smooth control puts the emphasis on the field, not shiny stadiums

Playbooks don't feel like they've received the drastic overhaul we expected; first-person kickoff cam should be an option, not a force-fed perspective

Jul 2006

Expertenbewertung von : John Brandon (

NCAA Football 07


An excellent sports game, with all the thrills and dynamics of real college football

Campus Legend is great ; Kicking and lead-blocks work ; Team-specific playbooks

Momentum has a bit too much impact ; Drills get boring ; Old-gen graphics can't touch 360

Jul 2006

Expertenbewertung von (

NCAA Football 07 Review (Xbox)


If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap, than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door." – Ralph Waldo Emerson (attributed) I've always been...

Kundenmeinung (

It's A Dog's World!


A Dogs Life is a 3D action adventure game based on a dog an idea that I haven't come across in any other game! If you exclude the first versions of the Commandos series on PC's and the recent Dead to Rights, very few dogs have appeared -even in the ...

Ideal game for families,different game,It'snot only for people who like dogs

None really

Dez 2007

Kundenmeinung (

It's going to the Dogs


The Game ------------- In 'Dogs Life' you are a mixed breed of dog that is on the trail of your best friend who was stolen by a dognapper. That is the entire plot. There are movies to remind you of this plot, but you basically just travel along ...

fun graphics, neat games


Dez 2004