Musashi: Samurai Legend- PS2

Musashi: Samurai Legend- PS2
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Jul 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes (

Musashi: Samurai Legend


The year is 1998, and PlayStation owners are introduced to Brave Fencer Musashi, a fast paced action platformer. The wild haired, diminutive dual sword-wielding samurai managed to stand out from the other mascot driven titles thanks to his special...

While it's good to see Musashi back on the screen again, it's unfortunate that his title is hampered by a short game experience, practically unused skills and technical glitches. Hopefully it won't take another seven years before this hero returns in...

Apr 2014

Expertenbewertung von : Adam Woolcott (

Musashi Samurai Legend


If only the rest of the game was as polished and as fun as the visual presentation. Using a process called 'manga-shading' that's basically cel-shading reworked to appear more like a manga (an offshoot of anime pretty much), and it makes Musashi...

Aug 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Max Hodges (

Musashi: Samurai Legend - PS2 review at Thunderbolt Games


I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of manga and anime, though I do appreciate the skill of it, so when faced with lines like the above (which I was before even the game's title screen) I tend to roll my eyes a little. Despite some imaginative...

Dez 2005

Expertenbewertung von : jenksy (

Musashi: Samurai Legend


Moz tries out this odd but fun action/roleplayer

If you like your action comic book style you'll love this.

Okt 2005

Expertenbewertung von : NowGamer ArchiveBot (

Musashi Samurai Legend (PS2) review


More urban myth than legend.

Musashi: Samurai Legend looks wonderful and, for the most part, plays extremely well. Yet despite that, it doesn't connect with you in the way you might expect a Square Enix title to. Due to the abundance of clichés, this feels a little too flat to...

Sep 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Andrew Calvin (

Musashi Samurai Legend


We sit down with Square Enix's latest actioner.

Mai 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Ben Serviss (

Musashi: Samurai Legend on Playstation 2


The Legend Continues

Musashi: Samurai Legend's most interesting aspect is how it manages to retain the easy-going, spirited nature and feel of the first game despite changing so much through chronological evolution. Replay value is somewhat low due to the strictly linear...

Apr 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Sam Bishop (

Musashi: Samurai Legend


The little samurai who could just can't this time around.

Apr 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Redeema (

Musashi: Samurai Legend Review


Everyone loves a Samurai. Just ask Cruise, Kurosawa, or Ghost Dog. Like those great movies Musashi: Samurai Legend has a great sense of style and tells the story of the ...

If you’re looking for a pretty looking action/role playing game with a hint of Zelda meets Suikoden this is the game for you. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you may want to try renting this game first. Musashi: Samurai Legend has some...

Apr 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Jason Porter (

Musashi: Samurai Legend - ps2


otaku girls? This one's for you, too, with its graphical similarities to that title and a leading man and villain who could both be summed up by the word "bishounen"

Mär 2005