MLB 08: The Show (PS2)

MLB 08: The Show (PS2)
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Jul 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Larry Marcum (

Review: MLB 08 - The Show


Editor's note: Larry is a new author joining the team here at Talking About Games. Please give him a warm welcome!

Mai 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Craig "American Idle" Hansen (

MLB 08: The Show


It's ironic … and shocking. It wasn't that long ago that Sony's in-house sports development team, previously known as 989 Sports and now just referred to generically as SCEA, was an industry laughing stock. But as the PS2 era wound to a close and the...

The Road to the Show feature comes across well, even on PS2 ; The price is lower on PS2

No custom music feature ; Graphics are starting to show their age

In the end, no matter whether you’re playing on PlayStation 2, PSP or PlayStation 3, MLB 08 The Show is good enough that folks who own Xbox 360s and Nintendo Wiis may just start wishing Sony would make their franchise available to platforms other than...

Apr 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Kevin Mosley (

MLB 08: The Show Review


The Show is the gold standard for baseball on the PS2.

There are a few niggling problems and annoyances on and off the field that keep the game from being picture perfect, but by and large, MLB The Show 08 for the PS2 offers a very realistic and entertaining brand of baseball. If you can live with a few...

Apr 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Arnold Katayev (

MLB 08: The Show


We realize that not everyone can afford a PlayStation 3 just yet, or perhaps they've yet to justify a purchase. And we also realize that the PlayStation 3 has games that are also available as PlayStation 2 versions. MLB 08: The Show is one such game....

 If you've been reading through the entire review, then you'll already have an idea of just how fantastic the game's sound. The commentary is refreshing, brilliant, and a delight to listen to. This is easily the best commentary a sports game has...

Mär 2008

Expertenbewertung von : CRAIG HUMPHREYS (

MLB 08 The Show


Meet the new Show. Same as the old Show. But you'll get fooled (again?) by the updated rosters, the new cover athlete, and the price tag insinuating "new Show."

MLB 08: The Show for PlayStation2 is more or less the same game as MLB 07: The Show, which is more or less is a good thing as 07 was a pretty solid PlayStation2 baseball game (and a merely-adequate PlayStation3 game, it should be noted, which is...

Mär 2008

Editor's Choice!

Expertenbewertung von : Jeremy Ewing (

MLB '08: The Show - ps2


With EA sports taking on the NCAA baseball demographic, that left 2K Sports all alone in the majors. With The Show, Sony wanted to take back a piece of the sports genre that EA didn't monopolize, as it does with the NFL… and MLB 06 did just that

Mär 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Steve Steinberg (

MLB 08: The Show


Sony continues to give PS2 owners a reason to swing for the fences.

Tons of stats; improved and deeper pitching interface; graphically more impressive than last year's game

You may not care about stats; first-person base running still clunky; lacks extra features from PS3 and PSP versions

Mär 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Richard Grisham (

MLB 08: The Show


Where others see roster updates, Sony sees an opportunity to deliver a world-class baseball sim

Air-tight gameplay ; Surprisingly solid visuals ; Better Road To The Show

Occasional post-game freeze ; Online can get laggy ; No pitch tip-offs

In any event, MLB 08 The Show is just about as good as baseball can get on the PS2, and will no doubt keep fans happy for many months. Between the franchise, Road To The Show, and online modes, it’s packed with top-notch gameplay that rivals the best...

Mär 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Working Man Gamer (

MLB08 The Show


Family Friendly Gaming |

Expertenbewertung von (

MLB '08: The Show Review (PS2)


When God of War 2 was released for the PS2 the popular thing to say was, “God of War 2 is the PS2's swan song.” Yet more than a year later the PS2 is still motoring along, and quality titles like Persona 3 and, most recently, MLB '08: The Show continue...

The game is as solid as ever on the diamond. Nails the feel of a pitcher vs. batter duel. More hit variety this year

Graphics are beginning to show their age. Still too many hits. Where are the errors