Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (PS2)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (PS2)
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Aug 2018

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Expertenbewertung von (realmofgaming.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented


Theres something about the Project Zero series (or known as Fatal Frame outside of PAL territories) that frightens me like no other game. Sure, Doom managed to inflict the odd surprised jump or two out of me, as did Silent Hill. But when you weigh both...

Mär 2006

Expertenbewertung von : CHRIS HUDAK (evergeek.com)

Fatal Frame III The Tormented


As much as any current video game can, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented conveys the eerie sense of supernatural forces right there in the darkened room with you (you are playing with the lights off, aren't ya, sissy?)

If an otherwise-levelheaded gamer were to tell you that the most recent PS2 "XtReME" snowboarding title was "like, too much of a rush, dOOd..." well, you'd be tempted to pour your "XtReME" sports-drink down the front of his X-Games T-shirt, and rightly...

Jan 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Mark Smith (gamechronicles.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented - ps2


I had a great time with Fatal Frame III despite the aging controls and unoriginal gameplay. The story has never been better, and I enjoyed the multiple characters and parallel game worlds. And even though the gameplay is much slower paced than The...

Dez 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Andrew Calvin (the-nextlevel.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented


Tecmo's latest horror entry offers a gorgeous, chilling experience.

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Dez 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Craig "American Idle" Hansen (dignews.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented


While Resident Evil 4 is unquestionably one of the best-looking “survival horror” type games out on the market this holiday season, despite vast improvements on delivering a spooky atmosphere this time out, there's one game on holiday shelves so scary,...

Graphics have advanced a great deal since the last installment ; Grief and loss as the theme and motivator for action proved effective on a storytelling and game playing level ; Smarter ghost AI this time out, leading to more challenging encounters ;...

Returning to your house periodically breaks the suspense and tension, the same mistake made in Silent Hill 4: The Room

While Resident Evil 4 is an awesome action game, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented is by far the scariest title on holiday store shelves this season.

Dez 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Sam Bishop (totalplaystation.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented


Scaring the piss out of yourself has never been so much fun.

Nov 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Nick Valentino (gamezone.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented Review


Genuinely scary from start to finish, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented is another excellent addition to the series

Wonderfully scary and filled with all the haunting thrills and scares of past games in the series, Fatal Frame III is yet another great addition to a series that really knows how to make gamers jump in their seats. With a really good story, plenty of...

Nov 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Bryan Stratton (gamespy.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented


Tecmo's eerie photographic survival-horror franchise stays in focus in its third incarnation.

Excellent production values and story; legitimately frightening gameplay; multiple playable characters; collectable items add to replayablility

Too many same-old-same-old gameplay elements; awkward and frustrating game mechanics

Nov 2005

Expertenbewertung von : JP_Hurh (gamerevolution.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented Review for the PS2



Stylish scares; Nightmare world/Real world; Stunning graphics; Terrific sound

Same camera mechanic; Same haunted manor; Slow in every respect; Crouching sucks

In turn, most adventure gamers will enjoy the frequent scares and pretty scenes of Fatal Frame III. However, the slow pacing and general lack of innovation to gameplay, scenery, or story keeps this picture just slightly out of focus.

Nov 2005

Expertenbewertung von : Joel (darkstation.com)

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented


For those of you who may not be a consistent reader here at Darkstation, you may not know this yet, but I am not a huge fan of scary games. It is not

Fatal Frame III is just a solid horror action title that continues what has been thus far a great series. This game may not do anything to revolutionize the series, but it just keeps you interested and intrigued in what will happen next. For those that...

Nov 2005