Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (PS2)

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (PS2)
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Okt 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Carlos McElfish (

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy


Deus Ex Machina, God-machine, UNATCO, FEMA, One-world Government ? what does this all mean? Enter Deus Ex, a trippy, cyber-punk adventure game that will pit you in the very eye of the hurricane. When Deus Ex was first released for the PC back in 2000,...

This is a scary game, but not scary in the Zombies-and-Ghosts kind of way -- scary in the one-world-government-conspiracy way. And it's also a very adult game, not in the gore-and-hookers kind of way -- adult in the sense that the storyline is geared...

Apr 2014

Expertenbewertung von : Mark Smith (

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy - ps2


Deus Ex: The Conspiracy is massive with a story that reaches epic proportions and gameplay that will keep you challenged for well over 30-40 hours. The ability to develop and customize your character and the game's ability to adjust the gameplay around...

Jun 2002

Expertenbewertung von (

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy: Playstation 2 (PS2) Reviews - The Armchair Empire


On the back of the Deus Ex game box it brags that the PC version won over 40 Game of the Year awards

Mai 2002

Expertenbewertung von : Tha Wiz (

Deus EX: The Conspiracy Review


The award winning FPS originally launched on PC comes to grace the PS2 carrying the same story and gameplay, but with some downers as well. 

Despite the somewhat poor graphics quality and the slower paced gameplay than your average shooter, this game definitely has a plot which will suck you in and a deeply intricate blend of action and espionage which can create an almost endless character...

Mai 2002

Kundenmeinung (

Dark Angel Vampire Apocalypse: Disappointing Dungeon Crawl


Metro3D's Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse for Playstation 2 is a single player, hack-and-slash dungeon crawl with little story. The graphics on the book and the description in the game booklet lead one to believe that the game is about a young woman,...

Easy to play, good sound

Repetitive, little plot, known bugs, graphics not up to Playstation 2 standards

Feb 2002

Kundenmeinung (

Dark Angel Vampire Sucks!


Avoid this game, and if you ignore this advise at least rent before you purchase. I was sorely disappointed with this game. I am a person who is interested by vampires, I always have been. My attention was caught when I saw the cover, and the screen...

Variety in weapons and armor

Small characters, repetitive game play, absolutely no effort to bring forth a quality game

Aug 2001