College Hoops 2K6 (PS2)

College Hoops 2K6 (PS2)
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Okt 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Travis Dwyer (

College Hoops 2K6


Not much more than the old college try.

The Legacy mode is interesting, where you create your own coach and start at a small school. I chose the University of Louisiana Monroe and was rudely awakened. Man, you really have to be dedicated to try this part of the career mode. Be prepared for...

Apr 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Robert Workman (

College Hoops 2K6 Review


Visual Concepts takes on college hoops, but it looks like the NBA is better suited for them.

I suppose if you've never encountered the glory of College Hoops 2K6 before and are just curious to see its push onto the 360, it's worth a look. But everyone else has easily gotten their fix on in an earlier version of the game, and with little to...

Mär 2006

Expertenbewertung von : David Hinkle (

College Hoops 2K6


For a lot of people, the NBA is just about unwatchable anymore. Maybe it's the player's attitudes that all that really matters to them is the paycheck and they could care less about the game itself. Regardless of whatever reason people aren't checking...

Legacy mode has a lot to offer ; Controls ; Smooth online experience

Graphics ; Never a consistent user-base online to play against

A ticket to the finest college basketball available.

Feb 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Travis Young (

College Hoops 2K6 - xbox


Whether you are trying to become the perfect coach or create the perfect team, the Legacy and Season modes in College Hoops 2K6 will keep you engrossed in this game for months to come. And the multiplayer is phenomenal, both local and online. Those...

Jan 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Steve Steinberg (

College Hoops 2K6


Visual Concepts tweaks the way video balling is done and its college game is this year's Big Man on Campus.

Great new controller scheme; super deep and engrossing career mode; lots of online options

Graphics aren't as crisp as you might want; some of the modes may put you to sleep

Dez 2005

Expertenbewertung von (

College Hoops 2K6 Review (Xbox)


The old basketball saying goes, “I don't care how it looks, as long as we win”

Expertenbewertung von (

College Hoops 2K6 Review (Xbox 360)


If you would have told me it was going to be March before I would get a chance to play an Xbox 360 college basketball game, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here we are in the middle of March and College Hoops 2K6 just hit the shelves....

Expertenbewertung von (

College Hoops 2k6


If you’re all about deep, engaging gameplay and great, time consuming game modes, then you can’t go wrong with 2K6. But if you’re someone that absolutely needs state of the art graphics and presentation, you may need to look elsewhere. Overall,...

Expertenbewertung von (

College Hoops 2K6


College Hoops 2K6 for Xbox 360 lets you take your favorite college teams through multiple seasons of NCAA basketball.

Kundenmeinung (

Just Cause - Play it Just Cause you can explore!


For whatever reason, many developers think that taking the Grand Theft Auto idea of sandbox gameplay and applying it to any setting that they'll suddenly have a hit. This is not always the case. And such, we have the game Just Cause. Is this GTA style ...

Skydiving, base jumping, exploration, grappling, tons of vehicles, physics

dull missions, cheeseball story

Jan 2007