Pokemon Rumble Blast- 3DS

Pokemon Rumble Blast- 3DS
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Sep 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Zachary Miller (nintendoworldreport.com)

Pokémon Rumble Blast


Wearing out your "A" button.

All 600+ Pokémon in one game ; Charming ; Extremely simplistic-watch a movie while you play ; Multiplayer, Streetpass content

Extremely repetitious ; Simplistic to a fault ; Some Pokémon are frustratingly hard to collect

Yeah but the player's motivation is roughly similar: Get moar loot! Still Rumble isn't a game that can be sold at retail without being a total ripoff. It's the kind of thing that could go on the eShop but I guess the number of mons in the game is...

Okt 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Heidi Kemps (gamespot.com)

Pokemon Rumble Blast Review


Pokemon Rumble Blast is an overly simplistic, repetitive action game.

Toy Pokemon characters have a compact, cute charm ; Lots of Pokemon to collect

Extremely simplistic and repetitive combat ; Sparse variety in stages and settings ; Brain-dead bosses ; Trying to improve Pokemon feels like a waste of time and effort ; Few changes from the WiiWare game

Unfortunately, that's where the fun ends. The central gameplay of Pokemon Rumble Blast is extremely simplistic: the circle pad/D-pad moves your selected Pokemon around the arena, while A and B perform the attacks the Pokemon comes equipped with (many...

Okt 2011

Expertenbewertung von (gamespot.co.uk)

Pokemon Rumble Blast


Pokemon Rumble Blast is an overly simplistic, repetitive action game.

Okt 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Chris Buffa (modojo.com)

Pokemon Rumble Blast Nintendo 3DS Review


Turns out, Rumble Blast is a follow up to 2009's WiiWare (and $15) effort, Pokemon Rumble, and it plays in similar fashion, where the goal is to recruit Pokemon into your stable of characters by beating them senseless.

Simplistic fighting for kids, over 600 toy Pokemon to collect, StreetPass battles

Repetitive combat, easy to beat

Pokemon Rumble Blast is the first Pokemon video game for 3DS, though it shares little in common with the more fully featured titles in the franchise, namely this year's Black and White. Instead of providing a turn-based RPG experience, Nintendo crafted...

Okt 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Alex Lucard (diehardgamefan.com)

Review: Pokemon Rumble Blast (Nintendo 3DS)


Finally, we have the Mysterious Room. This isn't really a mode unto itself, but it is pretty unique so I'm talking about it here. The first version of the room pits you against FIFTY other Pokemon – luckily not all at the same time. The room is small...

Pokemon Rumble Blast is one of the better titles for the 3DS this year, but if you don’t own a 3DS or the t have a 3DS, stick with the Wiiware version.5-40 price tag is too much, remember there is a WiiWare version for only Pokemon Rumble Blast is one...

Okt 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Scott Alan Marriott (allgame.com)

Pok?mon Rumble Blast


The first Pok?mon title designed for Nintendo 3DS, Pok?mon Rumble Blast has players venturing into the world of Toyland, home to over 600 miniature versions of their favorite Pok?mon creatures. Instead of a role-playing design with turn-based battles a

Expertenbewertung von : Roberto Jiménez (levelup.com)

Pokémon Rumble Blast


Vive intensas batallas con tus Pokémon de juguete

Cualquiera puede comenzar a jugar sin problemas. La curva de aprendizaje es mínima. Hay 600 Pokémon disponibles. Puedes pelear contra tus amigos

Los Pokémon son desechables. No tiene elementos tácticos. El gameplay puede volverse aburrido rápidamente. No hay progresión de personaje

Pokémon Rumble Blast es el primer título de esta famosa serie en llegar al 3DS, la nueva portátil de Nintendo. Trae consigo toda la aventura y acción asociada con capturar y hacer pelear a todo tipo de pequeñas criaturas, aunque en esta ocasión lo que...