Final Fantasy Iii for DS

Final Fantasy Iii for DS
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Sep 2018

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A little more concept system


Not your regular Final Fantasy game. In fact I felt that the Ds made it ever so difficult for Square Enix to launch an impressive game. Final Fantasy for the DS limited itself to the features of the DS. The DS is a a decent platform but not for the...

Kid Appropriate, Challenging, Good Value

Repetitive, Not Challenging, Difficult to Use

Apr 2010

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Square scores great on ds


This was a great opportunity to play a game that may have evaded new users that didn't get the chance to play FF3 when it first came out. It's got a good story line and pretty graphics that look good on the ds. Super easy to learn and quite fun with...

Easy to learn, Kid Appropriate, Good Value

None submitted

Nov 2009

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Final Fantasy III is a much-welcomed remake


Final Fantasy III is a game that has always had a bit of mystery attached to its name. It is the elusive Final Fantasy game, the one that was never released in the U.S. until now. Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS is a remake of the original 1990...

job system, beautiful 3D graphics, Wi-Fi mode

weak story with poor character development, some jobs are useless, difficulty can get

Aug 2008

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I Was With You Till That Last Bit...


I am Final Fantasy. It was my first love, my first heartache, my first $100 phone bill (darn Nintendo Hotline). When the opportunity to play Final Fantasy III came to me, I jumped on it, just as I jumped on I, II, IV, and VI, Legends I and II, and even...

Beautifully remastered, complex plot with excellent variety of in-game choices, true to

Unusable email feature is required to unlock some game quests, final level is nigh

Jan 2008

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Final Fantasy 3 for Ds is awesome


I was slightly scared to get the game. After all, sometimes when games are remade they end up...not so good.

3D remake never before released in the usa Long gameplay time Great battle system

Quick save is worthless

Jan 2008

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Final Fantasy III


When I first heard about Final Fantasy III I really wanted it. Ever since I played Final Fantasy X I have been hooked on the series. When I first started playing Final Fantasy III I loved it right away. It became my favorite handheld Final Fantasy game...

Job System, Graphics, Soundtrack

Storyline, Characters

Feb 2007

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At last, the franchise is complete


America and whiny Square-Enix fanboys can now say that they have experienced every Final Fantasy game ever released. Final Fantasy III may have been one the most anticipated titles ever for the Nintendo DS. Feeding the frenzy was the news that this...

Amazing 3D graphics; updated audio; addictive gameplay

Virtually non-existent plot; job system isn't as polished as other Final Fantasy

Jan 2007

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Final Fantasy III: - The Last Light of the Crystals Is Calling To You!


Throughout the years North America (and Europe also) has gotten the raw end of the stick in the world of video games. I'm speaking specifically of the Final Fantasy series, which the developer didn't see fit to release them all over here. Now that it's...

Graphics, Improved Storyline, Job System, Sountrack

Reduced Difficulty From the Original Game, Some Jerky Animations

Jan 2007

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I don't know why I like it, but I do.


Well, you probably know that this Final Fantasy never came out in North America before. FFIII was one of the reasons I got a DS (the other reason was its $130 price tag), and while it starts off slow, it's a pretty good game.

fun, graphics

characters are sort of lame

Dez 2006

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Very engaging and accessible


I got into gaming shortly after the console crash of 1983, and in the Navy by the time they revived in the early 90s. As a result, this is actually the first Final Fantasy game I ever played. With no attachment to the series, or to the Nintendo...

Simple interface

Poorly detailed job system. Special effects/music volume ratio fixed

Nov 2006