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Expertenbewertung von : Ross Catanzariti (

Road Angel Navigator 3000


The Road Angel Navigator 3000 is an entry level GPS unit that doesn't quite satisfy as much as their previous models. While it still offers fixed spee...

Improved interface, maps, fixed speed camera warnings, price

Sluggish loading times, minimal included accessories, doesn't charge via USB, maps stored on SD card, battery life

Despite being an entry level unit and commanding a very reasonable price tag, the Navigator 3000 falls short in a few areas.

Jun 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Nigel Freitas (

Road Angel Navigator


With an ever increasing amount of red light cameras, accident blackspots and variable speed limits on today's roads, driving can at times be a risky b...

Road Sense safety features, POI alerts, Excellent manual

Reflective screen, Not pocket sized

While we have seen other GPS units equipped with basic safety warnings, the Road Sense sofware on the RoadAngel Navigator is by far the most extensive and practical implementation of safety features we have seen on a GPS to date.

Nov 2005

Expertenbewertung von (

Stuff magazine


The Road Angel Navigator can locate speed cameras and plan your journey from a postcode search on its 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen

The Road Angel Navigator may have its imitators, but nothing comes close to being as fast, accurate and usable

Okt 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Brian Haverty (

Road Angel Navigator


GPS technology has come a long way in the Road Angel Navigator, but for real benefit on the road, it still has a way to go.

Compact ; Lightweight ; Nice touchscreen display

Poor voice quality ; Slow to calibrate ; Short battery life

It's nice to see a device with such a wealth of road knowledge on Australia (the Road Angel also claims to have information on over 540,000 points of interest across the country), and in general the device works as you would want it to. The only things...

Mai 2006

Expertenbewertung von (

Road Angel Navigator


The Road Angel Navigator may have its imitators, but nothing comes close to being as fast, accurate and usable

Aug 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Road Angel Navigator


I bought the 2008 maps which are worst than the 2007. My home address is not in Australia anymore. A route where there are lots of roundabouts recognized by the 2007 maps are not in the newest 2008. If you go to a street which is at the end of the...

Only if you reroute every time it tells you to turn somewhere you know its wrong

Totally unreliable

Okt 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Road Angel Navigator


The worst piece of crap I've ever bought.

Turns on and eventually takes you to the right address

The map is crap and keeps telling me to take wrong ways. It keeps loosing my bookmarks. It shows low battery warning even after fully charged

Mär 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Road Angel Navigator


Works well when it works. However trying to get Road Angel / Senitel's Service Dept is a nightmare. Only website /email based , no phone service anymore so be prepared to have a unit out of service for a long long time even for a simple problem

Works very well indicating turns clearly and showoing street names

Almost zero service from Road angel when you have an enquiry . Step by step web support useless

Okt 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Road Angel Navigator


Locks up, requires restart, stop car the start driving, another restart, on F3 north of Sydney, tells to turn left every few hundred metres

Ok but for ALL the cons, would not buy, will send back as unsuitable for service

Locks up, requires restart, stop car the start driving, another restart, on F3 north of Sydney, tells to turn left every few hundred metres

Apr 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Road Angel Navigator


I was ripped off! This thing takes forever to find where you are and you would be better off looking at the map as it tells you to get off the freeway to go through a small town and get back onto the freeway to get to the destination and then adds more...


Have you got a week

Jan 2007