RCA DRS7000N DVD Recorder

RCA DRS7000N DVD Recorder
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Okt 2018

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Kundenmeinung (shopzilla.com)

I thought this was the answer to my replay


30 hour HD, Guide Plus system (when it works)

Guide Plus system hangs every few days,poor software

Dez 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Short Life


Relatively inexpensiveNo monthly feeDoes what PVRs do

Only lasted about a year

Okt 2006

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

RCA Scenium DRS7000N - After 11 Months Bugs Just Keep Getting Worse


Digital Media Recorder (DMR) side of the unit - I constantly have to re-setup the guide information, 2-4 times a month, then wait over night for the info to reload. System often just freezes up, randomly forgets to record my favorite programs, then...

Introduced me to the ease and effectiveness of DMR's

Poor quality firmware from the very beginning and getting worse every day.

Jun 2005

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

RCA DRS7000N (40 GB) DVD Recorder


Wait, I'm thinking... I guess the DVD player is pretty good...

DVR Functions are Buggy, Scheduled Recordings are Unreliable, Guide+ is Barely Adequate and frequently 'locks-up'.

Jan 2004

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Not Even Close...


I have had my Scenium DVR for nearly 4 months now and I still can't figure it out. That's not to say it's a complicated device, it's fairly simple. It's also not to say that I am Technologically Challenged, I'm a Software Engineer. I love my TIVO and ...

Wait, I'm thinking... I guess the DVD player is pretty good...

DVR Functions are Buggy, Scheduled Recordings are Unreliable, Guide+ is Barely Adequate and frequently 'locks-up'.

Jan 2004

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Don't buy this model


I return the DRS-7000N after a week of use because of the clumsy interface and awfully loud fan, which is always running.

Excellent recording. Compatible with DVD-/ R/RW

Very loud fan. Clumsy menu navigation and recording

Mai 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Replacing soon to be dead ReplayTV 3060


Paid $399 after $100 rebate.

No fees for guide. Good record quality. New lower price.

Klunky menus. Easy to lose your place in a show.

Apr 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

RCA is Back with Scenium Hard Disc Recorder - DVD & Rebate


Update: June 2003. This unit runs perfectly. What's really nice about the free GuidePlus TV schedule service is how you can nearly one-click record - you just hit "guide" on the remote control, up comes a cable-like TV schedule, you scroll to the show...

Perfect solution for HDTV off-the-air & antenna users - FREE!

High price. Remote button design needs improvement. Hummmmmmms.

Mär 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

RCA Scenium DRS7000N


Recently I bought an RCA DRS7000N combination digital media recorder and DVD player. I was attracted to it because it combines two units in one (I am short of space) and because it did not require a subscription fee as does TiVo or Replay. However, I...

No subscription fee. Good for basic cable (no decoder) or broadcast TV.

Will not work with satellite TV or digital cable. Poor manual and poor tech support.

Feb 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Not ready for prime time?


Let me start out by saying that despite the flaws of this machine, the only way you could take it from me is by prying it out of my cold, dead fingers. I needed this functionality badly and was willing to pay a premium price for a tv recorder that has...

Tapeless VCR, no need for clunky tapes.No subscription fee for TV listings.

Expensive.Gemstar Guide Plus is buggy, limited.Recording timers limited to 16 shows.

Jan 2003